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Mentoring is an-often quoted support for business, but does it really work?

MBAs have founded many of the most exciting startups in the modern economy. OKCupid, Trulia, SparkNotes, and many other big-name companies started out with an MBA grad at the helm.

In life failure is inevitable. Sure it hurts, it’s made fun of, it’s pushed to the side to find the “success stories”, and its generally not welcome…

We often think of the real helpers as banks, enterprise boards, mentors, coaches, and they are always in our sights as we drive our new business out of the safety of our dreams into broad daylight.

If you are starting a business, or in the process of expanding, think of the silent partners helping you quietly propel your business and your confidence to the next level.

Have you got an idea for a business or product that you think will Wow! everyone? Are you worried that you will put a lot of time and money into your idea and it will flop?

You’ve decided to start a small business in Ireland. Where to go and get help!

Starting up a business is daunting at any time, but more so when you don’t have a background in running or operating a business.
Many intending and actual entrepreneurs rely on the experience provided by trial and error as well as the knowledge imparted in books and websites to help them along the way.