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Fiona Ashe interviews Orlaith Carmody On Life, Loss, Learning and Leadership and asks about her book – Perform as a Leader

Due to complexity, it makes far more sense for leaders to look at their companies through the lens of systems thinking.

Our progress through life is a chain that starts with imagination. Einstein once said: “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” Sir Ken Robinson describes imagination as a uniquely human quality that allows us to visit the past and the future, giving us the power to empathize and to bring to mind things that don’t yet exist. He describes creativity as applied imagination and innovation completes the chain by putting creativity into practice. Imagine, then, how little Adriana’s preview of life’s coming attractions was shattered on White Rock beach.

Leadership is a quality that not many people possess but many people seek. The best leader is a facilitator.

In my last Bloggertone post I shared with you a technique that I had just discovered for getting more out of the books that I read. The technique was called a “Net Out” where you write a one page overview of the book. I’d like to now share with you now my first ever “Net Out” which reviews the book “Tribes”, written by Seth Godin in late 2008.

To see new ways is to first think in new ways…. You will start to change the world as soon as you start to CHANGE your perception of it.