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For most businesses, Facebook continues to be an obsession with gathering fans (Likers). However, it this the right approach, particularly if you are a small business? Here I would like to present you with the case against!

Are you looking for proven ways to grow fans on your Facebook page? Are you a page admin that would like to know how to build strong relationships with fans and turn them into customers and advocates for your brand?

In May, Luke from Neworld blog brought together statistics on social networking usage in Ireland. It was from this information and a number of other sources that Connexia Ireland/UK decided to design what is probably the one of the first infographics for social networking in Ireland.

It’s now coming up on a year (9 months to be exact) since Jill approached me to help – so I though I’d look back, look at the lessons learnt and give you some insight as to what a small business can achieve on Facebook, with the right approach.

When scrutinized, many arguments justifying ROI specifically delivered by social media are dead in the water. But it’s The Big One for businesses that are encouraged and cajoled to sink valuable time and/or money (usually both) into a digital tsunami they know is coming because their familiar shoreline has just been sucked out beyond their vision.

could see how these two worlds were now merging into one another. They were inter-connected, compliemantary and coming to depend on the other. Smart business people would come to learn to spend their business life in both.

Interview with Australian Cathy Albanese who is a fitness instructor and the lady behind Ireland’s FITT Ladies Bootcamp. After only 9 months, they were nominated for the 2010 Irish Enterprise Award.

I was at the Irish Internet Association’s Annual Conference held in Dublin yesterday, where the theme was “Vision 2020”. I could only stay during the morning, but it was worth my while, with some good presentations, some “same old”, and some thoughts that I brought back with me