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Why is it important to look at implementation as a separate topic to strategy in and of itself? Because it’s often the one thing we tend to steer away from [it’s true!] and can derail strategic planning objectives if it’s not allocated and organised properly.

You may have already reviewed 2011 and set your goals and aspirations for 2012. If you have not already thought about how you operate WITHIN your business, here are some guidelines to help you focus on what is important for yourself as a business owner

Quick question-where is your business going this year? In light of all the economic turmoil we’ve experienced in the last few years, there is a sense of pride that we’ve survived so far. The logical…

Working for yourself. It all started as a dream, a vision, an inspiration, didn’t it? Freedom from office politics, other people’s agendas, the 9-to-5 routine (that seemed to somehow become a 9-to-9 routine). So, what have you achieved?

In spite of the advancement of technology and the expansion from a local to global economy, people still do business with people. So if your goal is to make your business amazing, then your first step is to develop two plans.

If we do not built a strong foundation, then the structure on which it stands, will not stand the test of time. It takes time to set up a business, that time varying depending on the type, size, shape and location. So what needs to be in place, for the business to stand the test of time?

Some helpful hints for first time entrepreneurs and business people. There is lots too think about, but some things are more important than others. Hopefully this article will give you some help.

Are you a Crow or Magpie – big in size but the slightest movement will scare you off forever more?
Are you a Blackbird – spending all your time obsessed with wooing the ladies and staving off a single competitor?

Any fool can be busy. Just as it takes no special talent to run around like a headless chicken, it takes no special talent to be consumed by other people’s deadlines.

Lots of people write business plans and then leave them to gather dust. Others run a mile from the very notion of a business plan. But is it just a paper exercise or what is it all about? Do you really need one and iIs there a simple way of approaching it?