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How many articles about social media are there? 1 million? 2? Do you really think we need another one? Well, […]

This is a behavioural question that business and organisations all over the world are trying to understand. In this post I will explore the behaviour and what drives people to take action.

From a traditional high street butchers shop to online shopping, nationwide deliveries, books, videos and media attention, James Whelan Butchers is leading the way. In this interview Pat Whelan explains how the business has been in the family for over 50 years with himself bringing it into the 21st Century being the first Irish butcher establishing a great online presence and expanding into new markets

Margaret Smith was a quiet, shy, stay at home mother who transformed in a couple of years to become a successful business owner of UmNumNum boutique cookery school. Not only that but Margaret has extended her education, created a very popular business network, attracted media attention, given speeches and talks plus embraced Social Media very effectively. Margaret explains to me how this all came about, also she gives advice to other start-ups and Social Media tips plus explains the whirlwind that was 2011 for her.

Why ‘boost’ your network? One of the main reasons users find themselves drawn to LinkedIn is the possibility of expanding upon their current professional contact-base and reaching out to new people in their industry.

One of the key talking points to emerge from an insightful and engaging workshop in Cork delivered by LinkedIn expert and evangelist Derek Reilly, in association with Junior Chamber International (JCI) Cork, was the usefulness, or otherwise, of writing and receiving profile recommendations on the word’s most well-known business network LinkedIn.

Whatever it is that you’re looking into developing from a digital portfolio, blog or even an official website, all of these WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) systems are capable of doing them all.

More experienced bloggers often ask me for ways to make their posts stand out. Based on my experience of which content works best, here at Bloggertone – I now understand why some of the sometimes overlooked aspects of blogging can make the biggest difference.

BizSugar (our sister site owned by Small Business Trends) will be hosting a Facebook Q & A chat titled, “Creating Content Gold” to answer your questions about content marketing.

For most businesses, Facebook continues to be an obsession with gathering fans (Likers). However, it this the right approach, particularly if you are a small business? Here I would like to present you with the case against!