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Expressing gratitude is also an effective business strategy that can help you engage and connect with clients and employees, attract new customers, successfully overcome challenges and recognise opportunities

Although the productivity theme has been discussed for many years, this topic is evergreen, so every new article can give you an insight, so don’t miss the chance to boost productivity and stop worrying about the time.

Fiona Ashe interviews Orlaith Carmody On Life, Loss, Learning and Leadership and asks about her book – Perform as a Leader

For those considering making the leap from the safety of a full-time job to the unknown of becoming an entrepreneur

Research suggested the following are the areas where you may not get good coaching or the help needed to improve your skills.

Every small business owner usually has one goal, and that is business expansion. Business expansion means that you have managed to maintain your incomes to the point where further investments are possible. It also implies that you have a solid basis of regular customers, and that you intend to either improve the quality, the range and the cost of your services, or to simply increase the number of your customers.

Negativity, if taken as a challenge, can be transformed into strength that can build our self confidence and can lead us to achieve our goals.

I’m in recovery. No, I’ve not had an illness. I’ve failed.

Mentoring is an-often quoted support for business, but does it really work?

Even though you may believe your success is a safe thing, you need someone to break it to you – it’s not! Success is a relative thing; one day you are in, the next day you are out. In order to stay in and advance and prosper, you need to constantly work on upgrading your business skills, your work strategy and most importantly – to know which way you are headed

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