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Just starting in the entrepreneurial world? Here are some leadership traits every entrepreneur should develop.

No one likes firing an employee, and everyone deserves a second chance. Get an alternative to termination, and tips to help your employee improve behavior.

Fiona Ashe interviews Orlaith Carmody On Life, Loss, Learning and Leadership and asks about her book – Perform as a Leader

While many business partnerships in history have been formed on a whim, few stay together if all parties aren’t completely invested in the company and in each other’s ultimate success.

For those considering making the leap from the safety of a full-time job to the unknown of becoming an entrepreneur

Research suggested the following are the areas where you may not get good coaching or the help needed to improve your skills.

The World’s Best Growth Hackers on Twitter

Due to complexity, it makes far more sense for leaders to look at their companies through the lens of systems thinking.

Even though you may believe your success is a safe thing, you need someone to break it to you – it’s not! Success is a relative thing; one day you are in, the next day you are out. In order to stay in and advance and prosper, you need to constantly work on upgrading your business skills, your work strategy and most importantly – to know which way you are headed

Let’s look over the past several decades and ask: what is the best business example of the proper use of inquiry before moving to advocacy, and then the worst, where inquiry was ignored and disaster occurred.

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