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Mentoring is an-often quoted support for business, but does it really work?

MBAs have founded many of the most exciting startups in the modern economy. OKCupid, Trulia, SparkNotes, and many other big-name companies started out with an MBA grad at the helm.

Even though you may believe your success is a safe thing, you need someone to break it to you – it’s not! Success is a relative thing; one day you are in, the next day you are out. In order to stay in and advance and prosper, you need to constantly work on upgrading your business skills, your work strategy and most importantly – to know which way you are headed

You think entrepreneurship is all fun and games? Here are the raw unspoken truths about being a business owner.

Taylor Robinson is passionate about his music and he is passionate about his business. He started Taylor Robinson Music 20 years ago while still in high school. On a recent episode of Shark Tank Robinson came on looking for investors who could help him grow his business to new levels.

In this interview I wanted to know how she got to where she is today and whether the positive attitude has always been there; her thoughts on why some businesses fail and her tips for entrepreneurial success. Frederique also shares some exclusive news of her amazing next steps in empowering even more people around the world.

As I’ve recently been helping to promote the search for Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur, I thought it might be useful to create a list of some of Ireland’s outstanding young entrepreneurs who are on Twitter.

Do you have what it takes to become a successful Entrepreneur? The search is on for Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur with a total fund of €2 million available to invest in winning businesses and entrepreneurs in every county in Ireland.

Being a micropreneur is completely different than running a larger small business. Here’s how.

Localization is simply the process by which you go about adapting your content or product to a given locale. Translation is the best-known part of this process