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Entrepreneurs that experience cash flow problems know all too well the friction and headaches it can cause. Without working capital productivity and progress are forced to come to a screeching halt.

As the year closes, you might find yourself imagining what could happen next. Just think…an untouched year of building on your existing foundation. Strategic planning is all about what your business will become and a crucial piece of preparation. So, why do so many of us believe myths about strategic planning that actually keep our companies from growing? Here are 7 myths to debunk in your own small to mid-sized business.

Are you a small business or designer-maker maker looking to sell products online and in need of good e-tailing advice? Our latest TYBspotlight interview with Lawrence Parnis revealed some essential e-commerce know-how and online selling tips.

Since the big bang of Big Data and the upgrade of the technological online era, businesses need growth hacking strategies in order to generate user growth.

Running a business isn’t always easy and there are lots of things involved that can draw your attention away from where it really needs to be focused. In this post I share 6 warning signs that you need to look out for and take action on as soon as you notice them.

If your online store has experienced impressive levels of growth, you might be wondering what’s next? Before making any moves, it’s essential to consider retail

There can be a point in a business when the current business owner has to determine if he/she is the best person to lead a growth stage. How do you know if you still have the fire in the belly to grow your business? Is it time to hire someone to be CEO instead of you? How do you know if you should fire yourself before your business grows again?

When business is booming and customers are in surplus, life for the entrepreneur is good…but not stress free. Ironically a busy business can cause headaches for the small business owner that can’t match working capital with increasing demand.

Productisation for business growth in service businesses

A startup or an SME, driven by passion, pressures and performance anxiety, may find little time to focus on branding but, sooner or later, they will have to face the consequences of not doing so. Typically, the first three years are the most crucial in a company’s existence. Within that timeframe, 95% of companies fail, which is amazing when you think of all the expertise, advice and assistance that’s available, these days. There may be many reasons for a company failing, but a lack of attention to branding is often a key factor.

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