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I have some unfortunate news for you small business owners out there. Actually, it’s less bad news than a reality check. There’s no getting around the fact that there are a lot of consumers out there who feel more comfortable giving their business to a larger, more established company as opposed to a smaller mom and pop store.

Sometimes things in business, like a strategic plan, aren’t really that foreign or difficult. It’s simply finding that step that renews your ability to see your vision become everyday reality.

Why is it important to look at implementation as a separate topic to strategy in and of itself? Because it’s often the one thing we tend to steer away from [it’s true!] and can derail strategic planning objectives if it’s not allocated and organised properly.

From a traditional high street butchers shop to online shopping, nationwide deliveries, books, videos and media attention, James Whelan Butchers is leading the way. In this interview Pat Whelan explains how the business has been in the family for over 50 years with himself bringing it into the 21st Century being the first Irish butcher establishing a great online presence and expanding into new markets

If meditation is all about being in the here and now, then premeditation must be something to do with being in the now before we get there, which is nuts. But isn’t that what we try to do? Isn’t that what planning is? Once you realize this, the advantages of being in the here and now start to become apparent. If I can learn to respond to real situations rather than future uncertainties, isn’t that a better use of my time? Isn’t that more empowering? Isn’t it just a whole lot more sane?

Dennis Warren is a co-founder & president of The Business Coalition and tells us about The Business Coalition, a non-profit organization that encourages and assists foreign-based companies in their efforts to conduct business in the United States.

I interviewed Ciaran Walsh of Nemos Horticultural Ltd about their amazing invention, SuperNemos, which is revolutionising the commercial and home gardening sectors. Running the company debt free in this credit stretched economy is a feat in itself but to go up against international corporations and surpass them in awards and crop results is a story that needed to be told.

Think about the last time you went shopping for clothes, electronics, shoes, or computers in your local town or shopping centre. How did you approach the store? Did you know what you wanted in advance, or thought about finding a helpful shop assistant? Lets have a look at how availing of proper training for your business is akin to a having a Personal Shopper.

Undoubtedly, the time needed to build strong scaffolding for your business growth plan is time well-spent, so don’t put your growth strategy on hold. Meeting clients experiencing the discomfort of growth regularly, I know only too well how difficult it may seem to take time ‘out’ to do the labour-intensive work of planning.

Are you considering growing your business by exporting your products to the US marketplace? Thorough planning will highlight what you need to know before….