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Frederique Murphy: The Mindset Behind @IrishSmiley

I first came across Frederique Murphy on Twitter in 2009, then I joined her M3 Power Community and listened into one of her audio series. From there we have spoken several times and surprisingly, as everything happens online nowadays, we have actually met in real life a few times. I can honestly say that from each interaction with Frederique I come away feeling empowered and with a smile on my face. It’s no coincidence then that her Twitter name is @IrishSmiley.

Frederique Murphy provides individuals, corporate executives, and entrepreneurs with a wealth of mountain moving mindset resources to help them become the true leaders of their life, career and business. In this interview I wanted to know how she got to where she is today and whether the positive attitude has always been there; her thoughts on why some businesses fail and her tips for entrepreneurial success. Frederique also shares some exclusive news of her amazing next steps in empowering even more people around the world.

You made a big decision (and move) when you were 18 – why was that and what did you do?

Frederique MurphyI see we are starting right at the beginning…! Yes, I did: I was 18, packed my bag, and hopped onto a plane! I did it because my world had collapsed, and to put it simply, I could not deal with it anymore, and needed to go. I don’t think it really hit as I was doing it, but I can tell you that when the plane landed, and the stewardess welcomed us to Dublin airport, and I only understood the word ‘Dublin’, it hit me!!!

This was a very special moment for me (and you know that Sian, since you have read my story in Turning Points!). You know, I can still clearly remember 2 things happening: I believed I was going to make it happen, AND I committed to make it happen. To this day, I credit my success to this combo: belief + commitment; these are 2 essential spices to add to your success recipe. This is where one of my most popular quotes, and the one I used on my home page, comes from: Absolutely amazing things happen when you believe. It is the starting point.

Can you explain what you do for individuals, executives and entrepreneurs?

Yes, and the best place to start is by introducing my platform: Mountain Moving Mindset. My business is built around it: that’s where the M3 Power comes from (thus, me and my audience using the #M3Power hashtag on social media channels). Specifically, helping individuals, corporate executives and entrepreneurs, access that power, and make it happen in their lives, careers, businesses.

You see, when your mindset is strong enough to move a mountain, only you can imagine the amazing mountains you can move in your own life. See each of your goals as a mountain, and the M3 Power helps you conquer that mountain, therefore meet that goal. Over the years, I’ve discovered a recurring set of patterns, challenges, fears, blocks, behaviours… and have strengthened my platform by identifying 4 parts of the journey.

Each helping you reach your goal, as depending on where you are, challenges differ. Here are the 4 journey segments: strategise with vision, design with clarity, act with focus, and lead with momentum. And, as you go from goal to goal, you embark on this journey, again and again. So to support and serve my M3 Power audience, I’ve developed a series of mindset resources to help my clients become the true leaders of their life, career and business, as they undertake their journey towards their own goals.

Where do you get your energy and beliefs from? Has it always been there or did it evolve through life events?

The short answer is, it comes from living on purpose, and from personal power!

The longer answer is that we get most of our beliefs from our childhood and teenhood, and it is up to us to ensure that these are serving us as we grow up. It is outstanding how many of us, me included, can believe things that are limiting us, and we might not even know about it. This is one of the things I work a lot with clients on, as a belief can stop you from achieving the results you seek, and unless you work on them, you would never know.

As for the energy, I get this asked A LOT 😉 No, it has not always been there: I‘ve learned how to initiate that energy. All of us can do that, with any of our emotions and states. Mood management is very key to our success, and it is great to learn how to manage our moods to align with our goals.

I often say it, but there is nothing more special that seeing someone eyes’ sparkled because they suddenly believe that they can make it happen, whatever that it is, and doing this every single day, fuels my energy and my drive.

Who would be your idol?

It really depends on what I’m idolising. I’m fascinated by people and their minds, which is one of the reasons I immersed myself into the self development world, and beyond the classroom, the qualifications, the certifications, the diplomas, I learn from, and idolise people, who push through.

It is incredibly touching, and often moving, for me to witness my clients, my audiences push through their fears, push through their obstacles, push through their blocks, and make it happen, and for that, every single one of them is one of my idols.

What do you think causes the main failure for business people?

I’m sure my answer won’t surprise you: their mindset, and specifically, the fact that some people disregard its importance, and it ends up working against them as opposed to working for them. You see, we all have a mindset, and the only difference is whether it works for or against us. And, when we solely focus on the business, we leave it up to our mindset to drive it, and you would be amazed with what happens up there!

What’s really important to keep in mind (pun intended!) is that your mindset is your philosophy of life: it drives every single thing that you do in life, and in the way that you lead yourself, your career, your business. So, it is important to ensure you spend the time working on it, so that you learn how to control your thoughts, your beliefs, your behaviours, as all of these are the precursors to making decisions, taking actions, and therefore getting results.

Can you give me 5 bullet points of advice to budding entrepreneurs?

Frederique Murphy1Sure, and the overall theme is to ensure that you work on your mindset, so that it works for you, not against you. And, I know what you are thinking, something along these lines: “But mindset is so big, where do I start?”, right? The answer is simple, by focusing on one of the multitude of mindset facets, and here I’ve selected 5 of these, and provided you with one mindset key per facet:

  • Adversity => An adverse event does not have power over you, unless you let it have power over you. It wins when you let it win by giving up, so don’t. Fight, deal & overcome it to move forward with your dreams.
  • Mood => Manage your emotions by choosing your state: realise that you are in control of your states of mind, and that you can step in into any state any time anywhere.
  • Fear => Every time you aim towards reaching new heights, you’ll encounter fear. When you’re reaching a new level in your life, it often gets uncomfortable. It’s a new altitude; you’ll adjust to it.
  • Network => Surround yourself wisely, and always have by your side that person, who believes in you during those times you have temporarily stopped to.
  • Control => You cannot always control the events in your life, but you can always control your thoughts, decisions & actions. You control your future as you have the power to shape it.

What is next for @IrishSmiley?

Oh my Twitter handle! 😉 Have I ever shared with you, where it comes from? It is actually my nickname; my husband gave it to me over a decade ago. And, when I joined Twitter, as my name is too long for the handle, I went for this, as anyone who has ever met me, offline or online, know, it is very appropriate 😉 Now you know…

So, what’s next? I can say that I can see so many mountains in front of me: I’m standing in one exciting valley! 2014 has been phenomenal, and we are only half way through the year. Let me share 2 things with you, and the Tweak Your Biz readers.

First, and I have talked about it for a while, but as other opportunities kept on coming, that project has been put on hold many times, but I’m pretty sure that this will be the year, where I’ll be releasing an M3 Power podcast, and I’m thrilled about it. As of now, we have the name, the design, the domain, the copies written, and even more than a year of content, since my audience has been asking for it again and again, and I cannot wait for it to launch, and for me to spread the M3 Power vibes even further via the sound waves.

Second, and this is a true Tweak Your Biz exclusive, as it is the first time that I share this news, outside of my own M3 Power Community (who always get any of my news first!), I’m so excited to share with you Sian that, recognised as an expert in translating research on the brain into usable chunks for my audience to apply, I was recently invited by Synaptic Potential – a leading-edge neuroscience training company, serving organisations in partnership with the Wales Centre for Behaviour Change (WCBC) at Bangor University, UK, to join their team as leadership partner, and co-design and deliver their Positive Psychology trainings!!!

This is an amazing opportunity, and such an honour; I’m actually just back from Bangor, where I taught a module on Positive Psychology, and it felt amazing, and such a great fit. I believe in continuous learning, and for the last few years, I’ve placed an emphasis on studying how the brain works, and the neuroscience field is truly fascinating, and the positive neuroscience field is a perfect next step for me to help even more people around the world.

I’m sure you’ll agree that Frederique’s positive, dynamic and encouraging attitude is infectious and of course the smile always works wonders on anyone’s frame of mind. It’s a pleasure to know Frederique and to have interviewed her for Tweak Your Biz. I trust that you will have come away with a better insight to @IrishSmiley and I’m sure she’ll be happy to answer any of your comments below.

Photo credits: 1. Roland Krijnen, 2. Paul Timon


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  • WooHoo!!! Thank you so much.

    It was a pleasure to be interviewed by you Sian, and an honour to be asked in the first place, and now be featured on TweakYourBiz, thank YOU.

    And, looks like we are celebrating our 5th virtual meet anniversary too, happy anniversary, another great Twitter success story 😉

    I appreciate the wonderful intro too, and your words mean a lot. This is what I do, and it is amazing to hear it; everything we achieve, every mountain we move, started with us having the energy, the drive, the confidence, the guts, etc, in a nutshell, being empowered, and I LOVE IT. When (some) people ask the value of what I deliver, I often answer, it’ll equal what you will achieve once you are on your way!

    And, you are right, I am happy to answer any questions and comments below…

  • Thank you for the interview Frederique and as always your wise words. Again I come away smiling 🙂

  • Jash Kavish

    Again an fantastic round of interview of my friend “F” I hope you remember me. Such a great time to invest & dig into your life story today which was really adorable. First time i was reading the inside soul of “F” here. There is no doubt your twitter handle is tailor made as per your smiling attributes as yes you are the reason behind making the “U” curve on peoples faces 🙂 Great Interview once again & yes i will look forward for more & more from F this 14. Ciao & Be great nothing else pays 😉

  • Thank you Jash; and, of course, I remember you, you are a great M3 Power Community member!!!

    I’m glad you appreciated the interview, and learned a bit more about my story and my soul; kudos to Sian for the great questions.

  • Jash Kavish

    Thanks for the kind words again & i am glad you remembered me 🙂 Yes credit goes to Sian as well for drafting great questions to you which covers almost every aspects of your thoughts,life-story & how to be positive etc. Great catch of June!

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