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Mexican Honeymoon Inspires New Mum Ruth O’Reilly To Start – #TYBspotlight

You probably all know Pinatas as a Mexican toy that children bash with a stick to get the sweets from the middle. Ruth O’Reilly started having the vision to create the same in Ireland and has progressed to several different versions to expand into the adult market as well. In this #TYBspotlight we find out where Ruth had the idea from and how working from home with young children has actually inspired Ruth with her creativity for her Pinatas.

Sombero pinata

What were you doing when you had the idea to set up PiñatasPiñ

After spending time in Mexico while on Honeymoon, after seeing the variety of pinatas available, I had a little seed planted that making customised pinatas was something I would love to do. I returned home and this seed started growing but it wasn’t until I was pregnant and looking for another avenue of work to allow me the flexibility of being a mother and working that I decided to take the plunge. I now work from the home and have three children.

What did you do previously?

I worked as an accounts assistant for a wine and spirit importers. There was a lot of customer service involved which I believe has helped me immensely in dealing with my customers at Pinatas Pinatas.

How do you manage to keep focussed working from home?

Oh dear it can be difficult at times but I get so much pleasure from making the pinatas that the only time I can’t possibly face the studio is after a very busy period. I’ll get over this by shutting the door for a day and spending time with the kids. Or the laundry and then I’m itching to get back….lol.

The Piñatas are very creative – where do you get your inspiration from?

Thank you. Mostly from my children. They let me know when I am doing a good job and are very quick to let me know when they are not impressed. I love giving the pinatas big round bellies, cute lashfull eyes and plenty of bright, clashing colours.

lucien and dino

You recently did a Piñata for a wedding which looked beautiful – what other occasions can you cater for?

I don’t think that there is any occasion that you can’t have a pinata for. Hen parties have always been very popular and you can only imagine the fun pinatas that I make for them. Baby showers are a very new trend and I make a cute stork pinata for them. Perhaps the most unusual event was a Garda’s retirement party and I was asked to make a Garda pinata, complete with high vis vest!!

You are busy on Facebook and Twitter – which do you prefer and which is the best ROI?

Oh the battle of Facebook and Twitter!! For the business I must admit that Facebook had been my launch pad and I’ve some amazing supporters and customers on there. If it wasn’t for Facebook Pinatas Pinatas would not be where it is now. However Twitter is great for connecting with other businesses and for finding marketing opportunities. If I have a cup of tea in my hand I will visit Twitter….. maybe that answers the question!!

What do you see in the future for PiñatasPiñ

I wish, and will work for, Pinatas Pinatas to become a household name here in Ireland and increase my presence in the UK and Europe. I am also toying with the idea of stocking other handcrafted childrens party products (you heard it here first!!). There has been many amazing milestones already like the Late Late Toy show, The Ray Foley Show and RTE Nationwide.  I’m working towards many more public appearances and will grasp any opportunity with both hands.


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  • Hi Sian, thanks for another great interview & thanks to Ruth for taking part in a #TYBspotlight.

  • Thanks Niall. I think it’s great to hear about all this creativity and especially from a home grown business. Ruth is an inspiration for everyone who wants to start a home business, especially Mum’s at home to know it can be achieved.

  • Pinatas Pinatas Ruth

    Huge thanks for the opportunity Sian. Loved answering the questions. Sometimes you are so busy making and e-mailing that its not until something like this comes along and makes you sit up and evaluate and take stock of what you have achieved already. I makes me want to start plotting the next plan so thank you for that. Ruth xx

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