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Dr. Mollie Marti talks about her new book Walking With Justice

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TweakYourBiz TV Exclusive Interview With Author Dr. Mollie Marti

“We write our eulogy every day with our small choices, often when no-one is looking”. In this interview, Dr. Mollie Marti illustrates how facing death prompted her to write a book sharing the wisdom of her life’s greatest mentor.

Life Vitamins

Walking With Justice  is a transformational book about Judge Max Rosenn, a federal judge for whom Mollie clerked upon graduating from law school. When a virus attacked her heart, she returned to her mentor’s wisdom as part of her own healing and because she realized that dying without sharing Judge’s love and lessons would be one of her greatest regrets.  One of my favorite authors, Bob Burg, calls it “a timeless handbook for being human”.

 Dr. Mollie Marti is a psychologist, lawyer and adjunct Professor of Psychology at the University of Iowa. She speaks worldwide to corporations, universities and associations on:

  • leadership resiliency
  • servant mentorship
  • life design
  • business ethics

Her private performance coaching clients include Olympians and business elites. Inspired by the example of her mentor, she founded the non-profit Community Resiliency Project to help communities recover from setbacks and grow through challenges.

The Importance of Leadership Resiliency

In this exclusive interview, Mollie shares her personal reasons for setting up the charity, how she dealt with the experience of facing death and her commitment to ensuring that children are armed with the leadership skills they need to survive life’s challenges.

[youtube width=”640″ height=”360″][/youtube]

Many thanks to Mollie Marti for sharing her story with me.  Wishing her good health and success with the Community Resiliency Project!

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