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Five WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Website Builders

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Five WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Website Builders

If you’re experiencing site builder overload, here are five recommended site builders on the web. Whatever it is that you’re looking into developing from a digital portfolio, blog or even an official website, all of these WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) systems are capable of doing them all. It just takes time in becoming familiar with the system and not being afraid to face the challenges while making your picture perfect website.

What’s the best one for you?

The range of site builders out there can definitely be overwhelming from free to a variety of prices.  Well, by surprise as much as free can be intriguing it may not be for everyone.  A free WYSIWYG system may not have the tools and widgets that a priced site builder has and vice versa. I recommend testing each system before committing to one. Keep note that all of these site builders have a drag-and-drop technology and you don’t need any coding. In no particular order:

# 1.  Weebly

Weebly is known as the easiest way to create a free website, blog or online store. On top of that Weebly has stepped up their game and produced a Weebly website builder application available on Google Chrome.

# 2. Easy WebContent

Easy WebContent has a number of options for their web audience. Their site builder targets individuals wanting to create a professional website/blog with full customization. They have an HTML editor which is a tool for users who have an existing website looking to make minor edits and updates. Or if you’re just looking for add-ons for your website/blog, Easy WebContent offer fully customized add-ons.

Free Trial: 14-Days

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# 3. Yola

Yola is known for their free basic site plan, which is advantageous for any startup and small business who have a small marketing budget. Yola’s system is like any other site builder with the drag and drop feature, however what separates them apart from others is their customer support. From a users perspective this is extremely important. You have the ability to have direct and prompt assistance from their customer support staff.

# 4. Squarespace

Squarespace has been compared to WordPress, which shows how competitive of a platform it is for blogging. Even with a strong position in the blogging industry, their features make any website look extremely attractive. For anyone who is  always on the go, they have an application where you can completely customize and manage your website on an iPad and iPhone.

Free Trial: 14-Days

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# 5.  Basekit

Basekit surely targets a wide range of audiences from their outreach to more than one country to a users ability to select from hundreds of themes. Basekit stands out not only to a user who has never built a website, but also to experienced designers with users ability to upload their own Photoshop designs.

Free Trial: 14-Days

Unfortunately, there are far more site builders on the web that pop up out of every corner quite frequently. With the demand for website development, users are looking for efficient and cost effective options. Since we have evolved to a digital community assisting and recommending the best products and services, what site builders have you used and would you recommend one?

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Katherine Alegado is the Marketing Manager at HindSite Interactive, a leading Web design, development, and marketing company based in Maryland. @k8twopointoh

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  • Hi Katherine & welcome to TweakYourBiz. Thanks for sharing your experience around site builders and reminding us that building websites is now accessible provides we invest the time and resources.   

  • This is some great info Katherine. I have no idea about these type of things so it’s good to learn. Is WordPress also useful for building a site?

  • k8twopointoh

    Thanks Niall! In a generation that demands immediate gratification, WYSIWYG’s are definitely a must. 

  • k8twopointoh

    Sian, WordPress is a great tool to build a website, especially for their hundreds of plugins. However, it can become complicated when you want to fully customize your website, which will entail some sort of coding. That’s where these site builders can help to prevent the use of HTML or CSS coding. 

  • Thanks Katherine. That makes sense then

  • Thanks for the mention of BaseKit! We’re very pleased with it, and some amazing new features on the way. Without trying to sound overly promotional, I really think we have the best product on the market.

  • k8twopointoh

    Not a problem Chris! I cannot emphasize how great BaseKit has done in reaching out to users in a global perspective.

  • k8twopointoh

    Thanks for the share Geoff! 

  • k8twopointoh

    Thanks for the share! I’ll give it a try, 

  • Lstoller

    Hello Katherine and Commenters,

    I have been very happy using Yahoo Sitebuilder, even though it is an older technology, and limits me to publishing and hosting with Yahoo.  I am also experimenting with XSitePro.  After retiring as an accountant six years ago I started building websites for small businesses.  It is extremely enjoyable and gratifying – and lately I’m getting pretty busy.  Since I am not an accomplished coder, I find myself always looking for html scripts, specific solutions, etc., for some of my clients.  So I really appreciate your article and the comments. I invite all of you to share any ideas, products, services that will help me provide better website developing and online marketing solutions to my clients. Thanks again for the information and the comments.

    Larry Stoller,, 843-290-5101

  • SMikelPearsall

    article seemed to be of much help.  Being
    a young entrepreneur, I’ve been looking for a cost effective website
    builder.  I always had it in my head that
    I had to have my business up and running before starting my own website.  However, after reading this article, I’ve
    realized that I can start my business with
    a website.  Knowing which site builders
    are best for different businesses is great. 
    This article inspired me to create my website now to build my brand and
    my business. 5/5 Great Work.

  • Thanks Elaine – it was fun to follow wasn’t it. I wish I could have kept it going for longer but hopefully those that missed out will add in the comments anyhow

  • I’m sorry that My computer failed and I couldn’t participate. Loved the article and the insights. Love the community spirit that has grown from among the writers. It keeps you going, doesn’t it?

  • A great list for sure! I have used several of these tools, and do find Weebly to be a great option for the cost (free). Thanks!

  • Hi Bradley & welcome to Tweak Your Biz. Losing Steve Jobs hurt a lot and Apple now appear to be losing some of their edge. It’s going to be interesting to see how this plays out in the coming months and years.

  • seedubs

    BaseKit just edges SquareSpace for me. I’m really excited to see how the market evolves. REALLY looking forward to trying Needly and Webflow when those launch. However, I’m not too crazy about the trend of everything being browser based. I get the appeal of storing on a cloud and it’s awesome what web apps can do, but I like working in a dedicated environment and being solely responsible for storing the stuff I’m working on (no one else to blame if things go kaplooey). I started using openElement recently. It’s got some work to do, but it seems really promising. Has anyone tried it?

  • Jagadish

    Ok, but tooooo expensive just for page design. The same can be done through WYSIWYG Web builder. Try it. Its cheap and effective. These types of browser design sites are less lived. Take my advice and get a life.

  • Thanks Maricel! It’s always nice to have creative people like yourself looking to help entrepreneurs!

  • Guest

    Hi! Here’s a new tool – Wamer Sketch.
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  • Kos

    Hi! Here’s a new tool – Wamer Sketch (
    Online WYSIWYG tool for Web page design. Draw your page layout then
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  • Nick Ally

    thanks very much these tools are really very helpful and reduces time and energy. keep up the good work. Nick

  • Deb

    Great info!

  • Rekha Gaonkar


  • Thanks for sharing, nice post and I use vkonnect to automate my social media tasks.

  • Steve

    Thanks for the information. I will look at those websites and do the same reading and give commenting on the good article

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  • Ogden Psako

    A few points against Bitrix: While it sounds interesting, I could not help noticing that vast amjority of comments here praising Bitrix24 are fine examples of astroturfing, making the company less credible. After looking at the site, given its management (all Russian), partners (Russian search engine Yandex) and clients (Russian stage energy giant Gazprom), one can not help wondering whether the company is based in Russia operating through a Virginia based LLC (not that this would necessarily be a bad thing).

    On the positive side: They seem to have created good collaboration tools, offer self-hosted version and also claim compliance to EU/US Dept. of Commerce Safe Harbor data protection program (but I could not find the company in Dept. of Commerce list of approved entities).

    My 2 cents…

  • my favorite productivity tool is the chrome browser plugin momentum, beautiful and effcicient:

  • vishnu vardhan

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  • IAmAdrian

    Bitrix24 is superamazing. Thanks for the sugestions

  • Dmitriy Leyba

    Also, you can use for corporate identity creation.

  • hago a

    Oh great argument….

  • Frost Zeus

    Inventory Control — I suggest Saasu
    Project Management — Asana and Trello top my list.
    I have also encountered other platforms at that can be handy especially to those who have blog sites.

  • But usually in B2B response time doesn’t matter as much as in B2C.

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