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Work At Home, Live At Home, Get Me Out Of Here!

I took up running recently and joined a club. Now, I’m pretty much hooked on it. Running has all the advantages one would expect: fitness, weight loss and general sense of well-being. One distinct advantage that I hadn’t expected though, is how sociable it is (provided you join a club of course).

My business model is one of self employment, supported by a network of associates. It’s working extremely well for me. It keeps costs and admin time to a minimum, and a small but varied and trusted associate listing maximises my service offering to clients. What it does not do however, is provide me with the day to day social interaction that most people get at the office.

More and more people are deciding to work from home (either becoming self-employed or to simply maximise their quality work time) and the advantages of this are very clear. Less time spent in traffic along with increased flexibility about when you work are likely to be top of everyone’s list of work preferences. However, the effects on your social life can be negative. Work colleagues provide a great outlet for work related discussions and if you don’t have them it’s easy to ‘dump’ this on your nearest and dearest (who is also probably hoping to relax and unwind after a hard day at the office).

Going for a run helps me to mentally let go of this need to talk through my day – the physical exertion just distracts me. And having a relaxed (albeit breathless!) chat with fellow runners reminds me that there is life outside the day-to-day demands of work and family life.

So, if you find you need an outlet for the pressures of your home-working day, buy yourself a pair of trainers and hit the pavement/park or track. It will do you a world of good and you’ll soon notice positive knock on effects on your working day through feeling more alert, positive and energetic.

What else do you do to make up for the lack of an office-based social life or pressure valve?


Revealing opportunities, pitfalls and the true value of the market a business is entering, Roisin uses research to helping companies to successfully grow and expand their business. Roisin's work is backed up with 15 years' experience in desk based market research for business of all shapes and sizes, from start ups to blue chips.

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  • Hi Roisin, great post, the tone of which is one that so many of us can identify with. Congratulations on your new endeavour, and I agree I think it’s critical when one spends a lot of time alone to join clubs etc so that we have a social outlet. Thanks for sharing, Niall

  • Facundo

    Anything to get you out of “working mode” is good. I am doing plenty of things this year, including having joined a table tennis club. Really makes a difference

  • Anonymous

    Nice post Roisin. I’ve worked from home for almost 6 years for a US multinational and everything you mention in this post is spot on. My outlet is indoor soccer every Wednesday evening. I have missing it.nnIn work we’ve tried to overcome to loss of the “watercooler effect”, by creating weekly Social Chats every Friday afternoon. Using our internal Twitter tool, we bring between 15 and 20 people from different parts of the organisation and different locations, to discuss something topical and work related.

  • Hi Roisin,nA topical subject always. My experience with clients has been that the first 12 months are always the hardest in terms of time management, separating work tasks from non work tasks, setting boundaries and that all important time away from “work”.nnThe issue becomes more critical when there is a spouse/partner working outside of the home, who just wants to “be at home” during time off. My first few Bloggertone posts addressed these issues, such as andn’s important to highlight these issues, so work at home people can realise they are not alone, and it takes time to settle in. The trick is to take one’s time, as so much is going on, and as you mention – exercise is so important for all our faculties 🙂

  • Welcome to Tweak Your Biz Frank. I work from home half the week and must say that I much prefer it. I have to be focussed as the job has to be done – and mainly only I can do it – and I live alone so I don’t get the distractions that some people may with a family. I think it’s certainly something that many should consider as an option though. I look forward to your next post

  • I have studied the concept, The Third Place, for some time and it is interesting to see how we are able to work in different settings nowadays. I have heard some IT companies (e.g., IBM) that don’t have stationary workspaces for every employee, instead they have to use mobile desks depending who is in and who is on the road.

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