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10 Reasons To Join Bloggertone In 2011 has grown significantly in the past year, developing a very strong business community.

Hundreds of professionals have joined us already to “talk/blog about business” and there are many others to come. But why?

1) Bloggertone is a mega business blog. It offers a FREE and unique platform, a stage for professionals to share their expertise and ideas under specific sections (Management, Marketing, Finance, Sales, etc)

2) There are plenty of professionals out there with many years of experience in their specific fields but have never gotten a chance to share their views with the world and build their personal brands and reputation. So, why keep that knowledge hidden and confidential when thousands of people can benefit from your posts? Bloggertone is a platform ready for you to ship” your knowledge.

3) You might have your own blog but still don’t perceive much interaction. We have an audience ready to welcome you on board, read your posts and provide you with insightful comments. It’s also a phenomenal networking opportunity.

4) You don’t have a business blog yet? Then Bloggertone is a no-brainer

5) We partnered up with another great business community called and started running “Sugartone“, a cool business blogging competition. This sponsored contest gives you a tremendous opportunity to stand out as a business, gain more exposure and if your post makes it to the post-contest sponsored ebook, your profile will get a super boost with hundreds of downloads!

6) Bloggertone has a strong Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn communities that constantly promote its content and others’. This means that your Bloggertone posts don’t die after going live. They reach a lot of relevant people through our networks and BizSugar’s.

7) Provide your audience with a piece of your quality free advice. Why? That’s how our business community can learn from you and recommend you to others. It’s also a perfect way for other people to “find you” (also through Google) and why not, start a profitable business relationship.

8 ) How often do you network? It takes a few minutes per day or week to share quality content and comments on Bloggertone and network with other like minded people who will always help you spread the word. That’s a “zero budget” strategy 🙂

9) Does your brand need an extra push? We constantly use the power of our Facebook and Twitter accounts to help Bloggertoners spread the word about their own content. We also feature profiles!

10) Besides publishing and promoting all Bloggertone posts in our own social media platforms and others’, you gain even more exposure by reaching all our email subscribers daily!

Ready to “Talk about business”?

Not yet a Bloggertoner? Sign up for FREE here

Fred is Creative Director at Channelship, a strategic web and social media agency. He is responsible for leading web projects and conducting social media training and strategy for companies. He works directly with key accounts, particularly in creative and strategic capabilities. Fred is also a Co-Founder here at

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  • Joining Bloggertone was one of the highlights of 2010 for me. It has introduced me to great insights from some of the most clued-in business people around. Bloggertone is a supportive and welcoming forum for both writers and readers and a great place to start your search for quality business and social media advice.

  • Nice one Fred! Another benefit I see if that people get to learn more about business, blogging and social media. Bloggertone is like an ecosystem and collage where you have a team of willing professionals ready to help you out. Thanks for the reminders.

  • My lesson learned in 2010 was that the power is in the network. nnBy that I mean, you need to connect with like-minded folks esp on a network like BT as it helps scale your level of influence very fast. Hard to do this by yourself. nnIvan

  • Anonymous

    Fred,nnGreat list of very good reasons! I think my favoite part about blogging on Bloggertone is #3. The comments are really conversations. It provides me with immediate feedback about whether the topic is useful to others. It inspires me to try and write my very best.

  • Thanks very much all for the comments! Hope Bloggertone becomes an even stronger community in 2011 and also a more helpful business tool for professionals

  • Anonymous

    Do all the articles have to be original and remain unique to BloggerTone or can it be stuff you published before?

  • Hi Alan, thanks for the question. Articles need to be original (unpublished) and we ask that you refrain from publishing elsewhere for 2 weeks.

  • Thanks for this article Fred, I was not aware of before reading your article. I am in the process of setting up my online business for which blogging and social media is going to play a large part in its growth. Of course I will also be open to advice and conversation about aspects of my site. This will prove extremely valuable to my business.n

  • Hey Alan. It needs to be original content. It cannot be something that has already been posted on your site or any other site. If you want to, you can re-publish that content elsewhere after a period of two weeks.nLet me know if you have any queriesnCheers!

  • Hi Kate. nThanks for the comment.nYou can join us for free here: to get started.nWe’re looking forward to your posts and helping you with feedback for your website 🙂

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