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Do you really love your business? Be honest. Do you get up every morning and think ‘YESSS!!’ as you punch the air, leap from your bed and throw open the windows—filling your lungs with the fresh morning air of another business day? Or is your main priority to justify another five minutes to catch up on your sleep before you pull on yesterday’s underwear…again.

Working for yourself. It all started as a dream, a vision, an inspiration, didn’t it? Freedom from office politics, other people’s agendas, the 9-to-5 routine (that seemed to somehow become a 9-to-9 routine). So, what have you achieved? Financially, things are surely different in many respects. By the way, have you actually worked that bit out yet? Your place of work has changed and downsized, and you get fewer benefits. You’re in control of your destiny now, of course, but you must do all the things that others did when you worked for someone else. But you’re free, right? You’re doing what you always wanted to do—at last.

You and your business: it’s a match made in heaven, right?

If you don’t quite see it like that, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Well, maybe that shouldn’t stop you worrying, but the point is that all human beings have a switch that they forget to keep turned on. That switch is the part of you that feels power, love, worthiness, inspiration and creativity. That’s what lifted you, in a combination of ways, out of employment and into your own business—whether or not you thought you had a choice. It’s actually apart from the thinking process, so that’s probably why we tend to forget it. Think about it. None of us wrote a business plan for most of our important relationship decisions in life—who to fall in love with, get married to, have children with. And these have a much bigger impact on our lives than the average job. At the time, something else negated the perceived need to think it through and work out a budget or cash flow projections. The switch was ‘on’. Even when you decided to go into business on your own, it wasn’t the plan that inspired you; it was the dream and the vision, driven by your passion. The business plan came afterwards.

Maybe that’s when it all started to change. It happens a lot in personal relationships as well. After the honeymoon, the marriage can become a process-driven institution that you serve, if you’re not mindful of keeping the switch turned on. You know how it goes—kids, schools, the house, commuting and so on. It takes effort to keep the switch turned on, to keep things fresh, to maintain the passion. It’s just the same in business.

You know that old cherry, ‘work on your business, not in it’. It’s as true for a sole trader as it is for the director of a large company. Once you become an integral process within your own business you’re lost. A hamster on a wheel. It’s so important to keep your distance from it, at times, to maintain your power, vision and passion for whatever it is that inspired you to do what you do. And if the business can’t survive your absence for even a day, then you are serving it. It is definitely not serving you, and you need more than ever to step back and see why that is so and what you have to change to get back in control.

When you are too close to it, worried and tense, you will make worse decisions than when you are clear and relaxed. When you are worried and tense, that’s the time to get away, take a holiday, meditate, go on a retreat, get a massage, run along the beach, work out, spend time with your family. Go completely offline. The problem is that we get so used to keeping the switch off and fighting through—often making things worse—that when problems arise, regaining vision and passion are the last things we want to think about, and we resist what may sound like a ridiculous suggestion. But creativity comes from clear minds, not fearful ones. Solutions lie in the creativity.

Try it. Next time you’re lost in the forest, stop running. Your mind will desperately want to keep going, but you know that the original inspiration for your business came when you stopped accepting the grind and turned that creative switch on. Deep down, you know there’s no going back, and it’s a small risk to take―if it’s a risk at all.

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Lewis is an artist, author, entrepreneur, inventor, marketing communications consultant and business mentor. Fuelled by creativity and driven by a passion to provide innovation, impact and influence, his career has taken in a large variety of disciplines, skills and experience across many areas of industry and the public sector. He has worked with startups, SMEs, multinationals, rock stars, legends of film, the UN, people with AIDS and many more. All this has made him at times cynical, but more than ever confident that the future is bright if we can only empower ourselves and each of us employ our unique creativity to help achieve this. Through his service - - Lewis offers a powerful four-step programme and a range of marketing communications services aimed at improvement, transformation, increased efficiency and profitability. He also runs creativity courses and courses in currency trading ( His most recent venture ( is concerned with making complex and long-winded information on websites fun and quick to understand and act upon. His first novel, Hominine - it's time to choose ( is a powerful geopolitical thriller that fictionalized popular global concerns - and then provides answers!

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  • Lorna Sixsmith

    Great post. As a sole trader and a small company, I so agree with the need to take a step back from it all every now and again with a clear mind and let the ideas and inspiration flow.

  • Facundo

    Inspiring piece on a Friday. I often think about the hamster on a wheel with so much going on (specially online for me as you say Lewis). Luckily my holidays are coming soon so I’ll take the time to stay away from everything, remain offline and turn that switch on!

  • Lewis, I always love your angles, did anyone every tell you you are a great salesperson, so effective as selling your message – I always want to read on. “Even when you decided to go into business on your own, it wasn’t the plan that inspired you; it was the dream and the vision, driven by your passion. The business plan came afterwards” MAGIC! statement, I love it 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Niall. I thought you were the salesman! Thanks for the reassurance though.

  • Anonymous

    Have a great holiday, Facundo. And thanks for the help with Hominine. Finished it yet?

  • Anonymous

    Gotta do it!

  • Anonymous


    Love how you highlight the disconnect we can feel between our vision and what is right in front of us! I’m a big proponent of using living business plans which are another tool for bridging the gap between the dream and the work of bringing the dream to fruition. Using living business plans allow you to bring your business plan WITH you since they have regular reviews (every 3 months) and include your goals with deadlines. No more hamsters on the wheel!

  • Anonymous

    Sorry got held up running in that forest. Otherwise would have got here sooner to comment. Well done on a great post.

  • Anonymous

    I saw you more as the hamster type – furry and cuddly – but looks can be deceiving.

  • This is a wonderful post Lewis with a very powerful message to take time for ourselves, when we take this time to relax and de-stress then creativity has that chance to build again….

    “The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it”. ~Attributed to both Jim Goodwin and Sydney J. Harris

  • Anonymous

    Many thanks, Catherine. I think we all get too caught up in processes at times, don’t we!

  • Olga

    Makes sense to me. Yet so many of us are running around like headless chickens, reacting to our circumstances rather than proactively creating what we really want. Exploring our creativity and trusting in ourselves are the key. We’re designed to succeed and we have everything we need to thrive in life – as long as we trust that and stay true to ourselves and our passions.

  • Women face a different set of challenges to men when it comes to starting a business or practicing leadership in business. That said, those companies that already have strong women leaders out-perform those that don’t so I think that businesses needs to be more accommodating towards women if only – to become better at business!

  • Sasha Ondine

    While starting business women have to
    face many challenges but women entrepreneurs today are growing in
    number.They are improving like anything. It’s not about the gender
    it’s about the best strategy and succeed.

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