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I recently spoke to Claire Dalton of Dungarvan Brewing Company which is a relatively new company started in a recession and proving to be very successful. We discussed what prompted them to start the business, how they manage it as a family, the recent rise in popularity of Craft Beers, their use of Social Media and future plans. Plus some useful suggestions for start-ups.

Best known as a TV & Radio Presenter, Lynne Allbutt talks about being self-employed all her life, how she faces a recession in her business every winter and how she copes with it.

Let’s start my stating the MASSIVELY obvious! The people (And I don’t just mean the politicians here) who run this little country neither have the smarts nor the energy to do just that. They are a lost cause! We don’t need a revolution, but we do need revolutionary change. Anything else won’t get the job done?

Here are the BizSugar articles from last week with the thoughts they inspired on international business. Topics range from international networking through location-based social media search.