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Where is the new communication model provided by social platforms and social communities taking us in a global sense? How will the game changing online communication model MDEC, affect the human race? Have we finally found a delivery system that allows the vast majority of the world’s population to have a voice and can this online model deliver a fairer more equitable, democratic global society?

The last two weeks were busy with the Sugartone contest. My weekly review of business articles on BizSugar resumes again this week. As always, here are the articles I enjoyed reading on BizSugar and some of the thoughts they inspired related to international business.

Last week I came across a number of articles on BizSugar that highlighted the differences with international business. Here they are with some of the thoughts they inspired.

Last week I came across an interesting selection of articles on BizSugar. Here they are with some of the thoughts these articles inspired on international business.

Here are the BizSugar articles from last week with the thoughts they inspired on international business. Topics range from international networking through location-based social media search.

Working cross-culturally definitely has its rewards, but it’s important to make efforts to understand the differences between your own habits and the expectations of those where you are doing business.

Here are some articles found last week on bizSugar that are inspiring from a cross-cultural and international business point of view.

Most businesses would like to develop their markets and embrace the opportunity of developing internationally… but very few actually do anything about going global. Part of the reason behind this lethargy is a lack of knowledge about their international market opportunities. Some in-house international market research can provide you with the knowledge you need to move forward.

Let’s look at 7 mistakes in international market research that are keeping many businesses from developing their international markets to their full potential.

Entering international markets is a big step in the life of any company. The opportunity versus risk pendulum swings back and forth in the early days. One of the ways to de-risk your new market entry and investment is to use Channel Partners as a Route to Market.