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Mari Smith is a phenomenon in my eyes, and I’m sure for lots of other people too. Her warm and approachable persona comes across on Social Media which is a feat in itself as it can often be blamed for hiding a true personality

A quarter of a billion dollars was raised for Ireland during Kingsley Aikins’ twenty one years with the Worldwide Ireland Funds.

Jane Boyd decided to have 45 Conversations globally in just a few days. Connecting with people from different walks of life in different countries was a challenge that she tackled using Google+ Hangouts On Air very successfully. This interview describes what happened and what Jane learned from it.

A Funky Name, a Funky Business, and a Funky girl. That’s certainly what the Irish Dragons thought of Samantha Kelly […]

Former TV presenter, Alan Stevens, is now an author and journalist, and runs his own business Media Coach. As an expert interviewee he has been involved in over 2,000 radio and TV interviews. With his wealth of experience he is ideally placed to give insights about the media, and how individuals and organisations can build and protect their reputation.

Nellie R. Akalp of Incorporation Services tells me how she enjoys her work life with tips on how to separate it from home life plus how she stays creative and gives us some advice on writing blogs.

Behind the scenes of the Tannery is Paul’s wife Máire Flynn keeping it all running smoothly although Paul is the Flynn that is mostly in the limelight. I thought it would be interesting to hear how Máire keeps such a tight ship, what her typical day would be and how they give back to the community of Dungarvan.

Every year, on St Patrick’s Day, the whole world seems to get a little bit greener. The global roll call of locations taking part in the festivities grows ever longer, as St Patrick’s celebratory events take place from Shanghai to Sydney and even in Scottish fields. In this interview with Niall Gibbons of Tourism Ireland, I look at how the business of fun is so successfully managed in Ireland and what tourism means to Irish business.

A major agreement between leading cleantech organisations in Dublin and Silicon Valley was signed in San Jose on Tuesday 13th March. The agreement between The Green Way – Dublin’s Cleantech Cluster and the Environmental Business Cluster (EBC) in San Jose, will lead to a dramatic increase in R&D, business development, commercialisation and investment opportunities for Irish and San Jose companies looking to access U.S. and EU cleantech markets respectively.

I recently spoke to Claire Dalton of Dungarvan Brewing Company which is a relatively new company started in a recession and proving to be very successful. We discussed what prompted them to start the business, how they manage it as a family, the recent rise in popularity of Craft Beers, their use of Social Media and future plans. Plus some useful suggestions for start-ups.

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