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Forget chocolate: Travel is good for the soul. It exposes people to fresh ideas, new places, and interesting people. And these days, people work to travel.

It’s March 17th and it’s a bank holiday in Ireland. Parades and celebrations go on all over the weekend also known as Paddy’s weekend

A quarter of a billion dollars was raised for Ireland during Kingsley Aikins’ twenty one years with the Worldwide Ireland Funds.

For many centuries the Irish have had to emigrate beyond this small island and adapt to different cultures, in many distant lands. In the process, we have developed great Networking skills. Perhaps this is helped by our ‘ Gift of the Gab, but we seem to have a genetic propensity to excel socially.

Behind the scenes of the Tannery is Paul’s wife Máire Flynn keeping it all running smoothly although Paul is the Flynn that is mostly in the limelight. I thought it would be interesting to hear how Máire keeps such a tight ship, what her typical day would be and how they give back to the community of Dungarvan.

Every year, on St Patrick’s Day, the whole world seems to get a little bit greener. The global roll call of locations taking part in the festivities grows ever longer, as St Patrick’s celebratory events take place from Shanghai to Sydney and even in Scottish fields. In this interview with Niall Gibbons of Tourism Ireland, I look at how the business of fun is so successfully managed in Ireland and what tourism means to Irish business.

Recently I chatted to Adriaan Bartels of The Cliff House Hotel, Ardmore about their Twitter Tactics – the way he believes it works well and the power it has, plus he gives some excellent advice on using Twitter

Recently, I’ve been lucky to be invited to help and support two wonderfully innovative Irish tourism social media campaigns, run by some great people and that achieved outstanding results.

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