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Running your own business and be the best boss is hard work, but as long as you take regular breaks and relax properly, you’ll be able to handle it.

Launching a business involves a plethora of steps. The key to a business’s success extends beyond its idea, plan and funding. It involves a checklist.

With the help of technology, and being tech-savvy, is where using mobile apps make the most sense.

With the rise of social networking and B2B portals, this task is no longer as time consuming as it once was.

There are lots of software engineering blogs that will help your inspire your tech team, here are just some of the most recommended ones!

Innovative technology not only helps businesses to run smoothly but also provides ways to save money, especially for new entrepreneurs and small business owners. There are various tools that bring innovation and cost savings to smaller businesses, helping them thrive.

Another New Year and another huge #TYBCommunity Round-Up from all our usual favourites and more. Something new is happening constantly within business, technology, social media, mobile marketing and much more so here is a round up of what trends those in the know expect to see in 2015.

Writing successful funding applications is a matter of persistence, being able to ask for and listen to feedback, and being willing to make changes to your start up baby.

Sooner or later, you will be successful.

It’s March 17th and it’s a bank holiday in Ireland. Parades and celebrations go on all over the weekend also known as Paddy’s weekend

From a business perspective, going global refers to expanding overseas, setting up an offshore company, expanding to international markets.

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