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It’s inevitable that the rise of wearable technology extends itself into various industries and many areas find uses for it, including health, retail and education.

Let’s do our best and analyze the most practical tips on using mobile technology to improve your sales, make your business more visible and attract new clients.

There are trendsetting companies putting the philosophy of the triple bottom line (3BL) into practice, and doing it well. But what is 3BL?

With the help of technology, and being tech-savvy, is where using mobile apps make the most sense.

The Ahain Group has carried out an extensive analysis of on-line activity within the Food and Drink sector. We considered the impacts of Social Business on primary food producers, food companies and local artisan food producers, with a focus on the US, UK and Ireland.

Next Sunday is Saint Patrick’s Day, the day when we celebrate all things Irish. Up to 80 million people globally claim to […]

It has been just over a year since we launched TweakYourBiz TV (formally Bloggertone TV) and during that time, we were lucky enough to interview some truly knowledgeable and inspiring business people

Furniture Designer Leo Scarff talks about his motivation, methodology and secrets to surviving in an industry that has been hit hardest by the Recent property crash and economic recession.

Let’s start my stating the MASSIVELY obvious! The people (And I don’t just mean the politicians here) who run this little country neither have the smarts nor the energy to do just that. They are a lost cause! We don’t need a revolution, but we do need revolutionary change. Anything else won’t get the job done?

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