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For many centuries the Irish have had to emigrate beyond this small island and adapt to different cultures, in many distant lands. In the process, we have developed great Networking skills. Perhaps this is helped by our ‘ Gift of the Gab, but we seem to have a genetic propensity to excel socially.

CBi China Bridge; a design research and innovation strategy consultancy, gave me useful insights on how Western business should approach Chinese markets.

Where is the new communication model provided by social platforms and social communities taking us in a global sense? How will the game changing online communication model MDEC, affect the human race? Have we finally found a delivery system that allows the vast majority of the world’s population to have a voice and can this online model deliver a fairer more equitable, democratic global society?

Last year, Fred Caballero, one of the founders here at Bloggertone put together a post about the 10 reasons to join Bloggertone in 2011. Keeping with tradition, I thought I’d examine the reasons why you should now consider joining Bloggertone in 2012.

Whether it’s Merkel, Sarkozy or other EU leaders who take to the podium to calm nerves – the markets aren’t buying many arguments or motives. Speaking in public for the sake of saying something is folly.

Did you know January 23rd 2012 heralds in the year of the Water Dragon? It is said all ventures that begin in the Year of the Dragon will flourish. Even if you’re not superstitious, draw some business wisdom from the magical dragon in Chinese folklore. If you are curious about the qualities and forecasts ascribed to the new year of the Water Dragon and wonder if they apply to your own business, read on

Facebook is primarily regarded a B2C social platform and typically not considered as effective for B2B businesses. I’ve always felt that this was not the case, and wanted to highlight companies big and small using it as an effective B2B tool. The following are my 20 Examples of Effective B2B Facebook pages.

Recently, I’ve been lucky to be invited to help and support two wonderfully innovative Irish tourism social media campaigns, run by some great people and that achieved outstanding results.

Anita Campbell has created the most popular Small Business blog on the Internet. It makes several million dollars each year, attracts hundreds of thousands of readers each month, has 55 thousand Twitter followers, and has won many awards…

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