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Tweak Your Biz has become an international super blog and business community. Over 100,000 businesses now visit every month and well over 500 contributors have written business articles for us. Earlier this year we celebrated our fourth year of growing the blog and community.

If you want to start a divisive argument in a room full of business leaders, just mention outsourcing. Many leaders lament the rise of outsourcing while others’ businesses thrive on it, but the practice has existed for a long time.

Next Sunday is Saint Patrick’s Day, the day when we celebrate all things Irish. Up to 80 million people globally claim to […]

The team at Tweak Your Biz would like to wish our East Asian readers a Happy Chinese Lunar New Year. With a global readership we probably have 10’s of 1,000’s worldwide celebrating the beginning of the Year of the Snake.

I offer my basic interpretation & spell out the 13 gems of strategic thinking in Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War”, demystifying The Art of War for Businesses

A proper understanding of the Singapore business culture can assist those who intend doing business in Singapore, making it a simple and rewarding experience.

A quarter of a billion dollars was raised for Ireland during Kingsley Aikins’ twenty one years with the Worldwide Ireland Funds.

The following are the most popular Tweak Your Biz articles from 2012. Each one here is a gem but there are hundreds of others that, while, they may not have made this list are none the less, full of brilliant practical and actionable business advice.

Tweak Your Biz (formerly Bloggertone) is a business blogging community that has been online for three years. In those years it has grown into a recognised international online publication. Having different contributors who are all experts in their field makes TYB a “go to” place for original, bona fide and relevant articles which are helpful to everyone.

Former TV presenter, Alan Stevens, is now an author and journalist, and runs his own business Media Coach. As an expert interviewee he has been involved in over 2,000 radio and TV interviews. With his wealth of experience he is ideally placed to give insights about the media, and how individuals and organisations can build and protect their reputation.