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#TYBCommunity Round-Up: Blog Post Creativity, Pinterest Contests & More

How long should any social media posts be, Facebook news feed ads, Pinterest contests, small business owner taxes, blog post creativity and lots more in this #TYBCommunity round-up.  This is our community news round-up where we share information from the blogs and other sources we follow. Read on to find out how you can contribute and help make these updates even better.

#TYBCommunity Round-Up: Blog Post Creativity, Pinterest Contests & More


10 Ways To Dig Deep For Blog Post Creativity – The internet is so vast. What can you possibly blog about that hasn’t already been blogged about before?  Bloggless

The Ideal Length of Everything Online, Backed by Research – Kevan Lee dug around and found some answers for the ideal lengths of tweets and titles and everything in between.

How to Create Successful Facebook News Feed Ads – In this post you’ll discover how to set up an advanced Facebook news feed ad campaign in 10 easy steps. Social Media Examiner

Pinterest Contests: What You Should Do and Not Do for Successful Contests – First of all, you need to work out what you want to gain from the contest?  We Teach Social

7 Costly Technology Mistakes Made by Content Marketers – If you are in the world of content marketing and are not allocating sufficient time to the technology side of things, then you are likely to be wasting a lot of time. Razor Social


How We Grew A B2B Blog Into A Business With 100,000+ Unique Visitors Per Month – Here is the Tweak Your Biz story of how we grew this B2B blog into a business with 100,000+ unique visitors per month. Tweak Your Biz


3 Tools You Need Right this Second For Your Small Business – Don’t reinvent the wheel: use these killer tools to be more productive and get more out of your business. Marketing Eggspert

Attracting and Retaining New Customers with Mobile Technology #infographic – Learn how Merchants can leverage new mobile options to bring more customers in the door, and turn them from simple stop-ins to frequent patrons. Visualistan


Who Should Be An Entrepreneur – Entrepreneurship is essentially starting a business and it’s obvious that the world and societies don’t need just entrepreneurs. So who should be an entrepreneur?  Stoilov Says

5 Small Business Owner Taxes You Need To Be Aware Of – Taxes are one of the things that small business owners should be well aware of. Small Business Trends

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Sian Phillips is the Managing Editor of and Content Editor on Sian is also the accountant for her clients and but is moving more and more into the content editing world; proofreading and editing blog posts, eBooks, novels and anything that is written. With over 25 years’ worth of experience in business and accounting Sian provides help to her clients with accounting and credit control. The other half of Sian’s day is spent working in the Social Media space; proofreading, copyediting, sharing posts and advice or conducting interviews for She is a qualified Accountant with an Honours Diploma in Journalism too.

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  • Sian: How do use creativity in order to pick from all the blog posts you see and put them together in the round up?

    Btw: It looks like you could have an issue with the Disqus plugin. It takes some time for it to load.

  • Storewars News

    read! Very informative. Did you know that Coca-Cola sales beat estimates as
    China volumes soar. Full story here:

  • Lorna Sixsmith

    Many thanks for the inclusion Sian, it is very easy to run a good Pinterest contest but also very easy to break the rules if you don’t know what they are. Hope you are having a lovely bank holiday 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing these tips with us Sumita. I’d also add a couple – answer your client’s questions by writing a blog with the advice and also crowdsource by asking a question and using the answers in the post – with accreditation of course. I look forward to your next post for us

  • Great post – all very relevant info … I also like to have a look at what’s trending, current affairs, time of year, what’s happening my my business. There’s blog-writing inspiration all around us!

  • intouchcrm

    Great post Sumita! Very interesting points. Everybody experiences writers block every now and then and knowing how to kind your muse, your inspiration and your subject is crucial. Here at InTouch CRM ( we have a few guides to keep us writing-motivated: Know your subject, Listen carefully (to customers, industry leaders and competition – what do they all talk about, what do they want to know), Learn from your mistakes and victories (if a certain topic worked for your audience particularly well, how can you get more out of the subject). I hope that helps! Really nice post!

  • Sumita Das Dutta

    Thanks a lot for appreciating the post. I truly believe that by following these points,one can easily write better for a blog.

  • Sumita Das Dutta

    Thank you Elizabeth for liking my post.

  • Sumita Das Dutta

    Hi Sian! you are welcome! Indeed the point you mention can be implemented for better outcome.

  • Successful bloggers enoy discussing their blogs’ topics from all angles and appreciate a healthy debate.

  • Sumita Das Dutta

    Hi Krish! I completely agree with you

  • Kara Johanson

    Good information Sumita. This article provided practical advice that I can use to revive my blog.
    Thank you, this has really helped me.

  • Sumita Das Dutta

    Thanks kara for liking my blog post! I hope to write more for your help

  • Before committing yourself to one particular topic, realize that whatever topic you choose will become the focal point of your blogging life. Your interest and passion for the topic should be strong enough to sustain you through the times when you aren’t sure you can bring yourself to read another article on the subject, much less write another compelling blog entry. Sometimes you can’t make concrete decisions until you actually test your topic ideas.

  • Naki Ouazzani Tayeb

    Thank you for this great article. i find it to-the-point and silverbullet.

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