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TweakYourBiz TV Exclusive Interview With Kingsley Aikins Of Diaspora Matters

A quarter of a billion dollars was raised for Ireland during Kingsley Aikins’ twenty one years with the Worldwide Ireland Funds. As we head into 2013 – the year of The Gathering – Kingsley tells TweakYourBiz about the importance of connecting the global diaspora.

Kingsley Aikins

Kingsley Aikins has had a fascinating career promoting Ireland throughout the world, including:

  • Five years in Australia working for the Irish Trade Board and the Industrial Development Authority (IDA) of Ireland.
  • He played a key role in founding both the Australian Ireland Fund and the Ireland Fund of New Zealand.
  • Kingsley subsequently served as Executive Director of The American Ireland Fund before heading up the Worldwide Ireland Funds, which have – to date – raised over three hundred million dollars for projects of peace, culture, community development and education throughout the island of Ireland.

Connecting the Diaspora

Kingsley now delivers expertise to many countries, including Haiti, through his consultancy firm Diaspora Matters and is a co-founding partner in Networking Matters. He was also invited by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to deliver a keynote address  at the 2012 Global Diaspora Forum.  In conjunction with the 2011 Forum, Kingsley produced a Diaspora Strategies Toolkit, which is available for download from his website.

 ‘Creative Clusters of Connected People’

In this exclusive interview, Kingsley tells me how he secured significant investment for Ireland from Roy Disney, why he credits the commitment of the US to the Northern Ireland peace process as nothing short of sensational and why he believes in ‘creative clusters of connected people’.

YouTube Preview Image

Sincere thanks to Kingsley for sharing his wisdom and I would love to hear your thoughts on the importance of diaspora and networking in the comments section below.

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Fiona Ashe is an award-winning Film Director, Screenwriter, Script Editor/Reader, Video Trainer, Social Media Trainer, Copywriter, & Keynote Speaker. She also has experience as a Broadcast Journalist and PR Officer. Her specialist skills include directing, filming, editing, writing, interviewing and keynote speaking.

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  • Amazing man who has delivered again and again for Ireland! Definitely an true Irish leader that remains ahead of his time. Thanks for another great interview, Fiona.

  • Fiona,

    Thanks so much for this engaging interview which, in the end, is really about the power of networking. Why is it that more of us don’t realize the importance of this in our everyday business efforts? Also, thanks so much to Niall for sharing it with the whole community on BizSugar!

  • Thanks very much, Heather. I totally agree. Networking is crucial to growing a business and it’s great to gain insights from an expert like Kingsley. Many thanks to Niall for sharing this on Bizsugar. I hope that everyone who views it benefits from it!

  • Many thanks, Niall. You’re right – Kingsley is amazing! His contribution to Ireland is unrivalled and his conversation always fascinating. I’m also delighted that his sense of humour comes across in this interview 🙂

  • Congrats Fiona, on an informative and insightful interview. Kingsley is such an articulate and charming person, with a fascinating story. His knowledge of the global Irish tribe and diasporas generally is second to none. . Great job !

  • Martin

    Great interview, important to see forward thinking in this area in Ireland. Diaspora and networking are closely aligned, the two remain process-dependent and key that we get to understand how these concepts actually function. Again, great to see continued interest in this area. Well done!

  • Thanks so much, Pat, for your high praise. I really do appreciate it! And thanks also for sharing the interview through your social networks. It’s lovely to have the opportunity to feature someone as brilliant, experienced, articulate and unique as Kingsley!

  • Hi Martin, thanks very much for sharing your thoughts. Kingsley’s grasp of the process of networking – and by extension – connecting the diaspora is exceptional and it’s a privilege to learn from him. Thanks again!

  • Another fabulous interview, Fiona! Thanks, so much for sharing. Mr. Aikins is quite an impressive and inspirational man. Many thanks to him, for all his work in bringing the world together, including us here in Beantown! 🙂

  • Top class interview Fiona… Kingsley is the biz!

  • Trust is not an event, and needs to be earned. No truer words from Kingsley. I also love his comments about “creative clusters of connected people”. Time to stop spoofing information and accept it can be easily found online!
    “Diaspora is about place” – very interesting comment also, esp as the world grows smaller and becomes ever more connected!
    Great interview, Fiona and Kingsley – thank you!

  • Creative clusters of connected people. Yes indeed! I took the emigrant boat in the 1970s and for the last thirty years I’ve been making my way back. Because of the internet I’m now able to live and work partly at the end of the Dingle peninsula, in the midst of a vibrant, self-reliant Gaeltacht community, and partly in inner city London, where I met and married my husband and built my career as a writer. For a long time I resolutely avoided identifying myself as a member of the diaspora. But now the similarities and differences between the two places I live in, the combined influences of the oral, Irish language, and literary, English language, traditions, and the fascinating connections to be made through social networking have extended my perception of myself and my work. More importantly, they’ve increased my awareness of Ireland itself – its cultural inheritance, values and flaws, and the need for its citizens at home and abroad to engage with its potential.

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