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Top 10 Tweak Your Biz Articles Of 2012

It’s been another great year here at Tweak Your Biz!  What started out as an Irish small business community website has grown across the globe, with hundreds of thousands of small businesses now checking in regularly. 

Tweak Your Biz continued to grow internationally in 2012

2012 highlights included:

Our contributors

Of course, none of this would be possible without the talent and support we receive from our contributing experts. Their knowledge, thought leadership and great content are what drive us forward.

The most popular business articles during 2012

The following are the most popular Tweak Your Biz articles from 2012. Each one here is a gem but there are hundreds of others that, while they may not have made this list, are none the less full of brilliant, practical and actionable business advice….You really should check them out too!

# 1.  100 Guerilla Marketing Ideas: Grow Sales With Zero Budget 

Not everyone can afford to hire a marketing consultant. This  joint collaboration post from Elish Bul-Godley and Neil Sisson describe 100 low cost marketing ideas that include both online and offline activities.

# 2.  The Holy Grail of Online Engagement (In 15 Steps) 

Every business online WANTS fans but NEEDS engagement. Christina Giliberti shares her engagement picks to emphasize 15 steps to the holy grail of engagement.

# 3.  Five WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Website Builders 

Whatever it is that you’re looking into developing from a digital portfolio, blog or even an official website. Katherine Alegado reviews five WYSIWYG systems that are capable of doing it all.

# 4.  5 Ways To Develop Productive Work Environments 

After speaking with his client – Warren Rutherford highlights several practices that, if implemented effectively, form a sound basis for improving workplace productivity.

# 5.  How To Successfully Use Pinterest For B2B 

Pinterest is now the 3rd most popular social media platform. However, while it might be easy enough to understand how B2C should use Pinterest, figuring out how to use it for B2B requires a little more thought – Sarah Ryan shows you how.

# 6.  10 Reasons Your Business Should Use Email Marketing 

Email marketing has been with us longer than our favourite social networks, yet not every business embraces it. Debbie McDonnell is a big fan of e-marketing and provides 10 great reasons why your businesses should embrace it.

# 7.  The Ultimate List Of Online Tools & Resources For Small Business 

A second article from Debbie McDonnell includes a selection of online tools for the small business owner. Check them out to help you to more effectively manage your time and resources.

# 8.  Management Styles – Theory X and Theory Y 

Leadership is the preferred method of empowering employees, clients, colleagues and peers. Elaine Rogers looks at what the expert Theorists have researched over the last century, and discusses how relevant some of these explorations are today.

# 9.  What’s In A Business Name? 20 Considerations For Getting It Right 

You’ve decided to go into business but have you thought about a name? Here’s another top post and guide from Debbie McDonnell on 20 factors you need to consider before choosing a name for your business.

# 10.  How Pinterest Can Increase Your Website Traffic 

This second Pinterest article comes from Lorna Sixsmith. In it, she discusses how you can use Pinterest to improve traffic to your website and increase your sales.

There you have it, the ten most popular Tweak Your Biz articles from 2012! All that is left for me to do is wish you a very Merry Christmas and continued success in 2013.

Thanks for reading,


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  • Personally, I don’t focus on Facebook that well. ROI would be hard to measure since in Facebook everything seems to be clickable and it would be difficult to analyze how viewers would eventually convert but for visibility purposes, Facebook is really an advantage and yes, lots of viewers are could be found Facebook.

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