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Imagine Having 45 Conversations With People Globally….In Just A Few Days

On July 1st, 2012 #45Conversations was launched by Jane Boyd It was a challenge to see if 45 Google+ Hangouts On Air could be held in 4 days.  What has unfolded since can only be described as a crazy and epic online conversation adventure that has been full of learning, amazing people and endless possibilities.  Jane has talked with some really interesting individuals – all over the world. 

Every person has shared unique stories plus tons of ideas related to social media, relationships, online community building & so much more. In this interview I ask Jane how it came about, how it was done and what she has learnt from it.

How did you get the idea for #45conversations?

I had started using Google + Hangouts On Air with my colleagues April Ennis and Marti Konstant in late May when we launched #StartupJAM and I was really enjoying doing them.  I had been thinking a lot about ways to hold more Hangouts on Air (HOA) and wondered what it would be like to hold a series of conversations with people around the world.  Initially, I decided I would launch #45Conversations on July 1, 2012 (Canada Day) with the goal of holding 45 (yes!) conversations by July 4, 2012 (Independence Day in the United States).

It so happens that July 4th is also my birthday and I thought that having that many conversations would actually be a huge amount of fun and it would enable me to connect with many interesting people around the world. Once I started, I quickly realized that #45Conversations had the potential to expand into much more. I now know that #45Conversations is the result of business planning and personal rebranding work that I had started a year earlier by attending #SOBCon.

How long does each conversation last and how do you conduct them?

For this initial set of conversations, I didn’t set a time limit – I decided I would just see how they unfolded.  Some have been short (under 10 minutes) and some have been quite long (over 40 minutes).  Every single conversation has been an amazing experience and I have learned a great deal.  All of them have been conducted using Google+ Hangouts On Air; which means that they live stream on YouTube while the hangout is actually taking place.

What is your favourite Social Media channel and why?

I am a Twitter girl at heart.  Twitter has opened up my world over the last few years. I also use private groups on Facebook a lot.  I’m doing more on Google+; especially since the start of #45Conversations. I am really in love with as it has allowed me to create and embed lists of the people that I am talking to, the videos that are produced and the back story of #45Conversations.  It also allows for a lot of great interactions with the lists created.  I love the way enables crowd sourcing to happen so easily.  I will be using it a lot more in the future for #45Conversations.

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How did you choose who you were going to have a #45conversation with? Did you know them already?

I started with many of the peeps that surround me on Twitter.  I also asked many of the friends and colleagues that I am connected with due to being part of the #SOBCon community.  I also received a number of recommendations of people.  I didn’t know all of the people that I had conversations with.

YouTube Preview Image

A #45Conversation with Terry Starbucker – Co-founder of #SOBCon (search on YouTube using #45Conversations for the rest)

I’d say that talking to different people about various topics has been very interesting and you’ve probably learned a lot on the way. What stands out for you so far?

What stands out the most for me is the spirit of generosity that has shone through in every conversation that I have had.  Each person has been so willing to share themselves, their stories and their experiences with me.  In addition, many of the people who participated as one of the 45 conversations have also helped me behind the scenes as I set out to plan for more.  The ongoing support and generosity has been incredible to experience.

Your Twitter profile is great – “Entrepreneur, blogger, educator & speaker. Founder of #45Conversations. Global collaborator. Partner in #StartupJAM & #Soundof100” Tell me a bit about each one of your titles?

I have always been an entrepreneur. I love the freedom that it offers. I tend to thrive in uncertainty – which is often what surrounds the life of an entrepreneur.  I love writing; so blogging also fits very well with who I am.  I truly enjoy connecting and collaborating with others to create ideas, initiatives and cool stuff that make a difference for my customers and colleagues. Social media has opened up the world for me.  It has enabled me to work with others to launch some really great initiatives – like #StartupJAM (a weekly G+ HOA with Marti Konstant & April Ennis about business, marketing, technology, social media and more) and #Soundof100 (a global effort to gather the voices of people ages 1 to 100 years as they answer various questions.)

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How many of the #45conversations have you had and what are the next steps for you?

As of writing this, 37 conversations have been completed; with the plan to have all 45 completed within the next few days.  Moving forward, I’m pleased to announce that #45Conversations “the initiative” has evolved into 45 Conversations “the company”.  It will serve speakers, authors, event promoters and participants as well as worldwide collaborators that want to build awesome connections and meaningful relationships.  45 Conversations plans to reinvent the power of conversation, create momentum and enthusiasm for events and ideas while simultaneously building engagement and community. We have a lot of really amazing things planned for the Fall of 2012.

Thank you for this interview Jane. I find it so interesting that you have spoken to people from so many different walks of life and look forward to hearing more in the future.

Further information can be found:-

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