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TweakYourBiz TV Talks With Samantha Kelly Of Funky Goddess

A Funky Name, a Funky Business, and a Funky girl. That’s certainly what the Irish Dragons thought of Samantha Kelly of Funky Goddess when she presented to them recently for funding and mentoring.Samantha  Kelly Funky Goddess

Funky Goddess began as an online site selling a beautifully packaged gift box for young teenage girls called “Welcome to Womanhood”.

  • Samantha really did turn taboo into funky in a country that not so long ago had pharmacies selling sanitary towels and tampons in brown paper bags.
  • Her promise to her customers is to “turn awkward milestones into treasured memories”.
  • She has hit Ireland by storm, leaving a trail of relief for mothers, aunts, sisters and fathers worldwide
  • Her range of products is expanding to cater for every “milestone” we encounter during our livesFunky Goddess Logo

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New Markets, New Products & Social Media

Needless to say, Funky Goddess has grown exponentially since, evolving into new markets, selling directly into over 75 pharmacies and expanding the range for new mums and older teens.

Her Facebook Page recently hit over 2100 likes – another milestone. I caught up with Samantha to find out just how difficult it was breaking into a taboo market, and what difference using eCommerce and Social Networking has made for her and her business.

YouTube Preview Image

Thanks to Samantha for taking the time to talk with me about her amazing story and ultimate success.

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  • Thanks For the Exposé Elaine- I can testify that being in the giftware and homewares market Funky Goddess has a strong presence online and it is clear she has invested much time and effort building connections and links in the sector. I also love the idea of turning the awkward milestone/taboo into a celebration – tapping into our most primal emotions. It also points to the significance of life cycle marketing.

  • Hi Elish,
    Glad you enjoyed the interview. It’s so refreshing to see such an effort made to turn things around in such a positive way. What strikes me most about Samantha, is her absolute conviction in her business despite all the negative feedback or reactions she comes across on her journey. 
    One of the key takeaways for me was to not be afraid to ask for help, and Samantha does that very well, and really puts herself out there.

  • Thanks for putting this together Niall and really chuffed to be included twice – although in both all I was doing was sharing others’ expert advice.

  • You’re welcome & congrats on your two featured posts 🙂

  • Well done you! I considering calling it the #LornaSixsmithtop10 🙂

  • Thanks Niall 🙂

  • Great post here and very interesting article.

  • Congrats, it was my pleasure to do so 🙂

  • WOW, first, honoured to be interviewed and featured on the site; second, honoured to be included in the weekly roundup, and now, third, honoured to be in the Top 10!!! Thank you to both of you Sian and Niall!!!

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