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20 Examples Of Effective B2B Facebook Pages

Are you a B2B business that remains unsure as to whether or not Facebook has value for your company? Would you like to learn how to leverage it better for your business? Well then, this could be the post for you!

Facebook is primarily regarded a B2C social platform and typically not considered as effective for B2B businesses. I’ve always felt that this was not the case, and wanted to highlight companies, big and small using it as an effective B2B tool. The following are my 20 Examples of Effective B2B Facebook pages:

# 1. Intel

Intel are one the best users of social on the planet. Their ‘Museum of Me’ Facebook application was a spectacular use of the platform in how it pulls the user information and pictures in a viewable museum of your very own. Make sure you check it out!

# 2. EMC

EMC is a leading provider of storage hardware solutions who use Facebook really well, I particularly like their ‘EMC Challenge’ app and how they have integrated their locations and pages.

#3. Salesforce

For a B2B business, Salesforce are brilliant users of Facebook with quality content and great use of pictures making for a highly engaged community and a valuable page.

# 4. American Express

American Express OPEN is a really great business resource. Facebook initiatives such as using Membership Rewards points to pay for Facebook ads and Small Business Saturday also make them one of the best users of Facebook around.

# 5. Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner is the go to place for social media information and knowledge. They don’t just talk the talk – they walk it too with one of most engaged and lively Facebook pages on the planet.

# 6. IdeaPaint

IdeaPaint turns any smooth surface into a high performance dry-erase canvas. A custom landing tab, nice use of videos and pictures make their Facebook page a great B2B example.

# 7. Forrester

Forrester Research is an independent research company who are effectively using Facebook to reach a global business audience.

# 8. SteelMaster

SteelMaster provide steel and metal pre-engineered buildings for the residential and commercial sectors. Their Facebook fans can avail of a resource centre and free quote request.

# 9. Gilchrist & Co

Gilchrist & Co Chartered Accountants who are based in Northern Ireland are great example of a small and more traditional B2B business using Facebook really well.

# 10. Cisco

With great content, custom tabs and high levels of engagement, Cisco are another that have built up a large Facebook following. Their SuperFan initiative is a great way of giving recognition to your community.

# 11. Symantec

Symantec are a business that clearly understands the value of Facebook, lots of great content including Symantec TV make for a engaging Facebook experience.

# 12. Buddy Media

Buddy Media is the social enterprise software of choice for eight of the world’s top ten global advertisers. It’s hardly surprising then that they also clearly get  how to do Facebook.

# 13. Neenah Paper

Neenah Paper has been a leader in the creation and manufacturing of premium, specialty and papers for over 100 years. Good content and a growing Facebook community could signal that they will be around for a hundred more.

# 14. Dell

Dell continue to be social innovators and their Facebook page is another great example. Initiatives and pages like Social Media for Business are sure to keep them there.

# 15. Hubspot

Social media experts, HubSpot would be expected to have a top Facebook page. Good use of tabs and great content ensure that they deliver!

# 16. Google

Their AdSense Facebook page proves that Google are not entirely averse to using Facebook effectively.

# 17. Gartner

The world’s leading information technology research and advisory company use videos and webinars to make their page an engaging experience

# 18. Ernst & Young

Ernst & Young primarily use their Facebook page as a global recruitment tool and it appears to work really well.

# 19. Cintas

Cintas designs, manufactures corporate identity uniform to businesses throughout North America. Good use of pictures and other content have allowed them to effectively grow their Facebook community.

# 20. SAP

SAP have a great integarted Facebook presence with multiple pages, engaged communities and some great content

So there you have it! My 20 Examples of Efective B2B Facebook Pages. I hope it contains some inspiration and ideas for how you might use Facebook more effectively for your business. If there are any B2B pages that you think that should be included, please mention them in the comments below.

Thanks for reading,


Digital expert, top 10% influencer with over 10 years’ senior management experience - including managing projects and teams, and growing companies in the Irish, international and online marketplaces. Co-founded one of the largest B2B blogs in the world, helped grow a B2B social media to over 1,000,000 members, created the strategy for one of the most effective SME Facebook pages in the world and have grown 3 business websites (, & to in excess of a 100,000 unique visitors per month. Have consulted and worked with both corporate and SME clients on leveraging digital to drive business KPIs. Speaker at industry events, have authored several industry reports on the Digital Economy and appeared in the New York Times, Washington Post, Business Insider and other leading online and offline business publications. Specialities include: Entrepreneurship Business Development, Start-ups, Business Planning, Management, Training, Leadership, Sales Management, Sales, Sales Process, Coaching, Online Advertising, Blogging, Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, SEO, Social Media Strategist, Digital Strategy, Social Media ROI, User Generated Content, Social Customer Care.

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  • Anonymous

    Nice post Neil. I first came across VAs as a concept in a book called The Four Hour Work Week. As I recall the author placed a lot of emphasis on the use of VAs to help him get more done in less time. He had even taken it to the extreme of having a VA who looked after the task of buying birthday presents for his family. He also placed a lot of importance in creating trust with his VAs and crucially empowering them to make decisions.

  • Hi Neil, I think like any good partnership, it’s worth taking the time to really identify the right fit for both parties. As you point out, if due diligent and care is taken at the start, mistakes that can later prove costly can easily be avoided. Great post!

  • Patricia McGovern

    Great post! As a Virtual Assistant (VA) myself, I like the humane tone of this post! Thank you for recognising that Virtual Assistants (VA) are human beings and deserving of respect and due consideration. nnThe fact is,VAs tend to savvy, well-educated and experienced individuals who have occupied various senior administrative and project management roles before setting up as a Virtual Assistant.nnIn fact depending on the skills of the VA, many would certainly have the potential to help small businesses set clear targets and goals for their business. They can also provide a clear objective eye, that keeps you working towards that all important bottom line – profit!n

  • Johnv

    Many of the companies are hiring virtual assistants who work from home. The reason is that they can be accessed any time and they work for you round the clock. Thanks for the post. Keep blogging.nThe world of virtual assistance is definitely growing. Virtual assistants can provide a lot services like administrative support , travel arrangements, book keeping and transcription. This can be a real blessing for small businesses who cant afford too much expenses for a full time. administrative assistant.nnJohn Vnwww.247virtualassistant.comnnn

  • Great list Niall, I notice most of the pages featured are not “liked” in those screen shots. Of course it always makes sense to review before hitting the LIKE button.

    Some may wonder why large organisations even bother with B2B social networking, as you say it is perceived to be mostly B2C – so thank you for raising awareness to the greater business community.

  • Terri Maurer

    Interesting to see that many of these organizations, even the biggies, do not appear to have invested heavily in a customized page style.  They are using pretty much the basic standard template and seem to be somewhat successful in attracting significant numbers to their community. I’ve held off doing a FaceBook business page, like many others who see FB as a platform that better supports B2C, especially retail, hospitality and othes who use discounts, coupons and contests to attract consumers.  We may need to rethink FB when we next review our marketing plan.

  • Hi Teri, that’s a fair point but it is still something I would consider if I were a B2B for 2 reasons:
    It will allow you to more easily achieve some objectives ie. Newsletter sign up and It will optimize/increase the number of people liking the page. Thanks for the comment, Niall 

  • So what’s the difference in having a B2C and B2B Fan Page? Should it be less fun and more relevant to the sphere of business?

  • Not necessarily less fun but for sure it should be relevant, specifically for your target market. In many respects, it requires more creativity than B2C.

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