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Social Entrepreneur Caroline Casey talks to Bloggertone TV

Caroline Casey is a social entrepreneur and founder of Kanchi and the O2 Ability Awards.  Caroline setup Kanchi in 2000 with the aim of  enhancing the relationship between disability and society.

In 2004 the O2 Ability Awards were created to establish best practice for the employment and inclusion of people with disabilities within business.  Through theAbility Awards and her growing network of over 100 Ability Businesses, Kanchi has changed the perception of disability. Having reached 20% of the Irish working population within three years, Caroline is now launching franchises in Spain – with other countries soon to follow.

Since setting up Kanchi, Caroline has received several high profile awards and engagements in recognition of her work, including:

  • She was the first Irish person to be appointed a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum in 2006.
  • Also in 2006 she also was awarded an honorary doctorate from NUI Ireland.
  • She was the first Irish social entrepreneur to receive the Eisenhower Fellowship.
  • In 2007, Caroline was invited back to the World Economic Forum in Davos, where she presented on a variety of issues relating to the area of disability.
  • In 2010 she was invited to speak at the TedWomen conference in Washington DC

In this interview, Frank speaks to Caroline about making radical change in one’s life, on why it’s important to allow oneself to make mistakes and what she views as the ideal workplace.

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I live in Kilkenny, Ireland, and I'm married with one daughter. I was born in Derry, and came to Kilkenny via Manchester, England, and Dublin. My passion is all things Social Media, and for the last 2 years I have been working as a Social Media Evangelist for Oracle, where I have worked for the last 8 years. This role entails, promoting the use of Social Media internally for improved communication and collaboration. My other interests include sports, especially football (soccer), reading, video games, movies/tv, music and walking.

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  • Great interview Frank, well done! I’ve known Caroline for a while and she is an inspiration to be around, her energy and enthusiasm are infectious and it’s clear that her achievements are down in no small part to the fact that she clearly loves her work.

  • Thank you, Frank, for a great interview with an amazing human.u00a0 Caroline’s story is all about faith and belief in one’s self and the focus on our abilities and not our disabilities. It’s a message that needs to be shared.

  • A great interview Frank and Caroline – some really good basic advice there for anyone who is unsure of what they should do next.nIt’s back to the old adage – Feel the fear and Do it anyway. We will never be perfect, we will never have it right all of the time, but if we can, as Caroline points out, bring our full self to work, we are then being authentic, and being authentic is in line with our values system. When we are in line with our values system, we succeed, we flourish, we grow and learn.nnThanks again!

  • A great interview because the questions were wonderful.u00a0nn”The person who never made a mistake never learnt anything.”u00a0nn”People should feel appreciated.”u00a0nnThanks so much 🙂 Frank n’ Caroline.nnWould be honoured to have an opportunity to be interviewed by you Frank.nYou’ve got an admirable sincerity and well being about you. u00a0nnRichard

  • “being authentic is in line with our values system” Beautiful. Thank you, Elaine.

  • Great interview Frank.u00a0 I LOVE the fact that Caroline mentioned failing.u00a0 I hear that so much from clients, the crippling fear of failing, when all it is really is a learning curve.

  • Beatrice Whelan

    Great interview Frank with really good questions. Caroline’s point about giving businesses the opportunity to at least try is really important. At the moment it is so hard to get support for a business unless it is a sure thing but really what business is a sure thing when it is starting out. Very uplifiting advice.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Niall. u00a0Caroline and her team were great. u00a0I really enjoyed first of all researching and learning about Caroline and the work they do in Kanchi and also getting to interact and speak with Caroline and her team. u00a0Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Jay. u00a0I’m really glad you enjoyed it. u00a0I got a lot of inspiration also out of it.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the comment Elaine. u00a0The one thing I really valued from the interview is that we are not our job. u00a0Even if we are in a work situation that we don’t particularly like we should look for opportunities in our non-work time to do the things we love. u00a0Who knows where they will then take us.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the comment Richard. u00a0It was my first time doing such an interview and I was quite nervous. u00a0I’m really happy to hear that you felt I came across well.

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