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The Art of Small Business Blogging With Anita Campbell

Anita Campbell has created the most popular Small Business blog on the Internet.

It makes several million dollars each year, attracts hundreds of thousands of readers each month, has 55 thousand Twitter followers, and has won many awards, including a 2010 SEMMY Award. How did she do it?

In this interview, I ask Anita about:

  • How she got started in blogging
  • Changing from the Legal industry to the Internet
  • How she developed Small Business Trends into an online media company
  • Advice for others who want to make this change
  • Why she chose small business
  • What made Small Business Trends a success in such as crowded market
  • Obstacles she faced when starting and also scaling the business
  • Understanding Business Models and how to turn career/passion into a real business

YouTube Preview Image

Next Steps for Small Business Trends

We also spoke about Bizsugar and her soon to be published book, Visual Marketing: 99 Proven Ways for Small Businesses to Market with Images and Design with David Langton.

We cover a lot of ground in this interview. Sit back and enjoy. And remember to take notes 🙂 There’s a lot of practical advice in here. Please share your thoughts below. Thanks

PS:  You can also watch this video on Bloggertone’s YouTube channel.

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  • Anonymous

    Well done Ivan. Great interview!nLove the idea behind “Visual marketing”. Will have a look

  • Brilliant interview Ivan! This is really great interview for aspiring onlineu00a0entrepreneurs, a must watch!u00a0Thanks to Anitau00a0@smallbiztrends:twitteru00a0for providing such wonderful and practical advice, she’s an inspirational lady and has always been very supportive of the Bloggertone community.u00a0

  • What a great interview, so many great tips and ideas. It is really interesting to hear that having a product aimed at small businesses can work so well and be so profitable. I am often concerned that by aiming at small businesses I could be limitingu00a0my business potential and income but Anita has shown that if you find a niche and do it well then then there are great rewards. u00a0It is also reassuring to hear her say that having the link between herself and her business is one of the income streams for the business. Loving all of the video interviews. Keep them coming.

  • u00a0Great interview, Ivan.nnAnita has one hell of a job, for sure!nnu00a0The Franchise Kingu00ae

  • Thanks Joelu00a0 .nn’Inspect what you expect’ was/is a favorite quote from Anita and it made me re-think how I manage my projects, which is what you want, right? Always room for improvement :)nnIvann

  • Hi Beatrice. nnAnita did an interview with Yaro Starak on that’s worth listening too. nnListen to the part where she explains how to position her business against (and other big hitters) and come out on top. nnRegards, nnIvannnPS – if you cant find it let me know. I have the file on the PC here.

  • Thanks Niall. nnMaybe we can do a followup when her new book comes out later. Looks good!nnIvan

  • Thanks Fred, nnDavid Airey is also worth reading for this type of marketing. nnIvannu00a0

  • Thanks Ivan,nGoing to check that out now.u00a0

  • Great interview Ivan, lots of great tips in there, I’ll be watching it again and again to make sure I don’t forget anything.n

  • Ivan, this is such a refreshing interview to hear real insight and the truth about the time it takes to grow a business on line.u00a0I loved the way Anita was so honest about her early days stuff and I feel this is so often missed in everything we read and see today. We need to know that hard (but smart) graft is needed and the internet is notu00a0the silver bullet many voices tend to say it is.u00a0The latestu00a0government backed initiative to get irish small biz online is great but this interview is a great partner to this in getting the message acrossu00a0thatu00a0getting online is just step 1u00a0& the work only just starts;u00a0we need to nurture and tend to our virtual space with the dedicated attention of a passionate gardener 🙂

  • u00a0Thanks Mairead,nnHer videos for SXSW are also excellent.

  • Sure does Joel. nnDrop me a line when your book comes out. nnIvan

  • Great analogy with the garden, Sharon.nnHaving worked in a ‘real’ business also gave Anita the insight into starting/running a business that many web gurus lack. nnIvannnn

  • Great interview. Really good, insightful questions Ivan. Lots of tips for everyone in there. Thanks for sharing.

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