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10 More Links You May Have Missed, But Shouldn’t!

1. # For the week that’s just gone! Simply Zesty look at the best uses of social media for St. Patrick’s Day.

2. # Is this the same type of recession as before? What influences us to think that what worked before will work today for our business?  Elaine Rogers of Seefin Coaching wants you to declare war on your business?

3. # What’s the ROI with business blogging? Yonatan Maisel ( thinks it’s like a bank account which keeps returning interest! (thanks to BizSugar for the share).

4. # That’s the ROI, but what about a strategy? Here’s an interesting read for those wanting to maximise their exposure through guest blogging (from SocialMouths).

5. # And before you start! Here are five great Q&A’s for new business bloggers from Christina Jennifer Giliberti of

6. # Another gem from Duct Tape Marketing‘s John Jantsch on why we all tweet too much.

7. # Did you hear about the Glenisk Tune Challenge? Here’s a really cool Irish Facebook case study (thanks to Neworld for highlighting).

8. # Everyone can pretend to be an expert online! Adam Gottlieb gives you ten tips on who to trust.

9. # Dont forget about Hearing Awareness Week which kicks off Monday 21st of March. Keep an eye out for all the action Nationwide. (thanks to Hidden Hearing Ireland).

10. # Consider attending this free webinar with Elli Stgeorge-godfrey of Ability Success Growth-3 Keys Coach. Learn how to use the CEO mindset to avoid the bumps and bruises many small business owners encounter, when they grow out of their senior expert role.

Digital expert, top 10% influencer with over 10 years’ senior management experience - including managing projects and teams, and growing companies in the Irish, international and online marketplaces. Co-founded one of the largest B2B blogs in the world, helped grow a B2B social media to over 1,000,000 members, created the strategy for one of the most effective SME Facebook pages in the world and have grown 3 business websites (, & to in excess of a 100,000 unique visitors per month. Have consulted and worked with both corporate and SME clients on leveraging digital to drive business KPIs. Speaker at industry events, have authored several industry reports on the Digital Economy and appeared in the New York Times, Washington Post, Business Insider and other leading online and offline business publications. Specialities include: Entrepreneurship Business Development, Start-ups, Business Planning, Management, Training, Leadership, Sales Management, Sales, Sales Process, Coaching, Online Advertising, Blogging, Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, SEO, Social Media Strategist, Digital Strategy, Social Media ROI, User Generated Content, Social Customer Care.

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  • Awesome links, thanks Niall!

  • Thanks Ben, glad you liked them 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Niall,nnThank you for including my webinar! I deeply appreciate your generosity!

  • Satheesh Vattem

    Thanks Niall. I always believed that Technology is just an enabler of business although it some times opens up new business avenues. But even then technology needs to be backed up with proper business sense. Techies on their own I believe would make fancy systems that just may not have any business relevance. This is actually based on my own personal experience where some of the guys I worked with created an application to capture time sheets of service personnel in a fancy technology and interface that had to be thrown in the bin because the service personnel found the actual process of entering the time sheets was creating more inefficiency 🙂

  • Satheesh Vattem

    I think differentiation by price is more a strategy for getting a foot in the door for many Indian companies Fred. It worked to an extent where it has become an USP now. But there are Indian companies which operate on quality of offering also. But they do not get attention / get reported as much as the cheaper options. And any company which is evaluating a solution purely on the basis of cost would be aware of the quality implications also I guess. When you buy from Pennys u don’t really expect high quality because the whole business model is based on cost advantage and you are taking the cost route based on certain considerations obviously. And Pennys will have its own set of customers who believe in cost and there would be a different set of customers who would believe in quality who would go to M & S. I believe a lot of companies now realize that they can not continue to keep competing on price alone and they would need to offer more. So you would see the market evolving where I am sure a new differentiator would be found pretty soon. And I believe tools that enable quality output with less costs are what we are moving towards.

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