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10 More Links You May Have Missed, But Shouldn’t!

1. # Who would you add? Young Entrepreneur‘s Adam Toren looks at the Top 10 most influential people online  (Thanks to BizSugar for the share)

2. # Have you checked out the 100 Voices SlideShare presentation? (from Krishna De). Tips from 100 International women in business to celebrate the centenary of International Women’s Day.

3. # Did you know that Ireland is now the fifth most popular country on Facebook? (Digital Times).

4. # Should you be taking advantage of coumminity in your business and marketing plans? Read this great post by Duct Tape Marketing‘s John Jantsch (at the American Express OPEN forum).

5. # Please help me to get businesses to stop using Facebook profiles.

6. # Speaking of which! Beatrice Whelan tells you how to easily migrate your business from a profile to a page.

7. # LOL! Love this striking advertising campaign for Pfizer’s famous blue pill that was launched in Korea a few years back.

8. # Effective blog commenting can raise your profile, establish your credibility and drive more traffic to your site. Here’s Marie Ennis O’Connor with 7 ways to make your comments stand out from the crowd.

9. # The assumption is that we listen to our friends, right! but do Facebook friends really influence advertising?

10. # Controversial perhaps? SEO is no longer a viable marketing strategy for startups.


Digital expert, top 10% influencer with over 10 years’ senior management experience - including managing projects and teams, and growing companies in the Irish, international and online marketplaces. Co-founded one of the largest B2B blogs in the world, helped grow a B2B social media to over 1,000,000 members, created the strategy for one of the most effective SME Facebook pages in the world and have grown 3 business websites (, & to in excess of a 100,000 unique visitors per month. Have consulted and worked with both corporate and SME clients on leveraging digital to drive business KPIs. Speaker at industry events, have authored several industry reports on the Digital Economy and appeared in the New York Times, Washington Post, Business Insider and other leading online and offline business publications. Specialities include: Entrepreneurship Business Development, Start-ups, Business Planning, Management, Training, Leadership, Sales Management, Sales, Sales Process, Coaching, Online Advertising, Blogging, Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, SEO, Social Media Strategist, Digital Strategy, Social Media ROI, User Generated Content, Social Customer Care.

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  • Hi Pawel, welcome to Bloggertone and as an ex salesperson and sales manager, I think is a really great first post. In fact, I would go so far as to say what you have described here is the difference between the average salesperson and a great sales person. Brilliant salespeople are brilliant prospectors – they spend the majority of their time dealing with prospects that are in a position to do business.   

  • Michael_Dineen

    Great post. Really like the tip on assessing the quality of their previous marketing materials. Great way to find eager prospects.

  • Niall, wow, thank you and great to be part of the community 🙂 I agree, the best sales people know exactly where to invest their time and efforts. Having said that, I am playing smart here but I was on the other side for a long time myself and it took me a while to figure out what I was doing wrong. 

  • Thank you Michael, it’s my own little invention 🙂 Work in almost every single case…

  • Swayne Hill

    Your point #4 is probably worth an entire post. Having a grading system will also help you identify ‘Risky’ deals in the sales pipeline. I separate ‘probability’ into two components – win probability and close probability. Close probability is subjective and tied to sales stage progress, win probability is based on how close the attributes do e deal are to our sweet spot. Swayne –

  • Thanks Swayne 🙂

  • Thanks for a great first post, Tom. I’m going to digest this later this evening.

  • Thanks Niall – feel like the new kid in among all the pros!!

  • Cheers for the help – don’t be drinking that cheap Welsh plonk – get yourself some nice French white!! 😉

  • Elish Bul

    Thanks for getting that useful summary out in such timely fashion- shared for all our SMES audience in the buidling sector and interiors sectors

  • Cheers Elish!

  • Thanks Niall – yeah the 25% R&D tax credit is a very useful tax break to consider and it’s not just test tubes in a lab type stuff that qualifies. The definition of what constitutes R&D is quiet wide ranging and could very easily apply to a lot of corporate businesses out there! Cheers 🙂

  • These are all excellent insights, Tom. Many thanks for sharing them! Best wishes, Fiona.

  • Cheers Fiona – hopefully it will help to save a few quid for someone. Have a good Xmas break. Chat again soon!

  • Tom,
    A huge welcome from me to TYB, this post is hugely informative and beneficial for all. Some really valid and accessible reliefs and refunds to be had.
    A great post – thanks for the timely share – pity for some, 2 weeks won’t be enough to avail of un-known or forgotten reliefs and claims. I hope people act with haste as you suggest 🙂

  • Thanks Elaine for the welcome – feel like the new kid!! Anyway glad you found the post useful and informative – hopefully it can save someone somewhere a few euros. Happy Christmas to you and hope you have a successful new year! 🙂

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