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10 Links You May Have Missed, But Shouldn’t!

1. # Which blogs do the experts read? The New York Enterprise Report asks Anita Campbell, founder of, Gary Vaynerchuk, wine and social media guru and author of The Thank You Economy, Matthew Weiss, New York traffic lawyer; owner of Weiss & Associates, PC; the global learning chair of Entrepreneur’s Organization; and Mardy Sitzer, founder and president of Bumblebee Design & Marketing.

2. # Krishna De recommends guest blogging as an under utilised strategy, but one that can work exceptionally well. Here are her 4 keys to building your online visibility through being a guest blogger.

3. # Do you remember the games of your childhood? Did you ever play dominos? Barney Austen from MyProjectTracker enjoyed creating those big long “snakes”, tipping the final one and then watching them all (hopefully!) knock each other down. Oh yeah! and here are some valuable lessons he learnt as a result.

4. # Perhaps you are a franchise owner wondering how best to leverage social media? Check out these 10 top tips from Kherize5 Advertising & Marketing to get you started and brought to you by the The Franchise King.

5. # Need Images? TJ McCue from Sales Rescue Team highlights 50 Places to find Images for every need over at Small Business Trends.

6. # Staying with the visual for a moment, did you know that Bloggertone now has it’s very own YouTube channel?

7. # What’s the big difference between being self-employed and being a business owner? Derek Sivers shares a tale about how he broke into the delegation mindset.

8. # Here’s some neat Facebook marketing advice from Duct Tape Marketing. Hold back content for “Fans” only, read the post to find out how.

9. # Good job! Have you seen the latest video to capture the best of Ireland’s tourism industry? Check out and share this super vid from Tourism Ireland in conjunction with

10. # Ray Nolan, one of the founders of talks to about his new venture. Worky is a social network for employers and employees. Watch this space!

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  • Hi Niall.nnThanks for sharing out the link on the blog – appreciated. nnThe article on guest blogging from Krishna is timely – this is something that I’ve been thinking about for a while now. Outside of Bloggertone, I’ve done a couple – but nothing regular. I also need to think about the opposite i.e. getting guest bloggers in!nnCheersnBarney

  • Hi Barney, check this out 🙂 n

  • Sian – every small business or start up should read this. I see so many businesses who spend a lot of money on different items and don’t collect receipts.

    A lot of great points here and I’ll definitely share this.

    Take care,

  • Samantha Clooney

    Sian, I’ve shared this with every group I’m involved with!! It’s so important for people to see this! I totally agree on the office equipment!! It’s not always the best idea to go for the cheapest!! Oh I learned this the hard way!!!

  • Thanks Samantha – I’m so glad you’ve shared it with people and it will hopefully be a help

  • Thanks Denise for sharing and hope it helps some people. You won’t believe how many people forget to keep receipts. I personally look at them as money – the business expense and the vat back. Like throwing money away.

  • Thanks Elish. I have done a post on keeping accounts “tidy” for the accountant but can’t remember if in TYB or mine. I shall dig it out 🙂

  • Saving money is the great way to help your self as well as economy. But many people are search how they save their money. I would like to appreciate you for sharing your good ideas.

  • I think Sian did one of those blogs somewhere 🙂 I did “Top 10 Tips for Managing Your Books” here last year

  • Nice practical post there Sian – the One-4-all cards are a great way of paying a small tax free bonus, I’d forgotten about that, thank you!
    ~ Helen

  • Here’s the one I did – I also linked to yours, Helen, in my post as it’s really helpful

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