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Cindy King’s Weekly Business Article Review – March 29, 2010

The last two weeks were busy with the Sugartone contest.  My weekly review of business articles on BizSugar resumes again this week. As always, here are the articles I enjoyed reading on BizSugar and some of the thoughts they inspired related to international business.

Why You Should Start A Blog & Is There A Better Name Than Blogging?

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The title of this article caught my attention because businesses often ask me why they need to blog. And I always answer that if you need an online presence it’s based on content.  And the value of content marketing is perceived differently in different cultures.

Why blog?  Well blogs are the easiest content management system to use.  It also means you’ll need to publish content regularly and this is great for Google and being found by search engines. Without content you don’t have any online presence… and this is the same in all countries.

Do you use a blog to reach international audiences?

How to Use LinkedIn Effectively for Your Business

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This is a good read on how to use LinkedIn.  I have to say that I haven’t found LinkedIn a universal platform for international networking.  It is mainly dominated by North American culture which can be a bit too direct and opinionated.   People from different countries have different networking styles.   This is probably why there are other professional networking platforms such as European Xing and the French Viadeo.

But as this article mentions, LinkedIn has been slowly integrating the use of other applications, such as Slideshare. And as this happens LinkedIn may evolve for international networking.

How do you like LinkedIn for international professional networking?

Why You Should Throw Out Your Marketing Tactics and Tools

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The advice Susan Oakes gives here works very well for international audiences too.  In international business, you should question whether you pick up the marketing tactics and tools you use.  And the only way to find out what works best is to understand your international audience.

This is why international marketing is difficult and why there is a strong temptation to find a simple “one size fits all” solution.

What international marketing challenges do you face?

Knowledge Is Not Power—Wisdom Is Power

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As I mentioned above it’s not easy developing an international business.  And the hardest part is often gaining a real understanding of your international customers.

S. Anthony Iannarino’s article makes this point very well. You need knowledge, experience and understanding of your international markets to really develop your business there,

How much do you understand your international customers?

10 Steps to Become the Greatest Salesperson In the World – Part 6

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Jerry Kennedy covers the topic of how managing emotions impacts our sales.  And he also highlights that we often don’t realize others pick up our emotions.

In cross-cultural selling we have to constantly monitor our emotions and reactions because it is natural to react to cross-cultural differences. And we can easily react inappropriately to cultural differences when we don’t fully understand them.

How do you manage your emotions in cross-cultural sales?

Social Media: It’s about People not Tools

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Frank Bradley gives us great advice for keeping a business focus when using social media. With this new media and the constant changes in tools, it’s understandable to forget it’s about connecting with people.

And when businesses look at using social media to reach international audiences, people often make the same mistake… after all the tools are even more unfamiliar. But staying focused on the people you want to connect with makes it easier to find the best social media tactics to reach international audiences.

How do you connect with people on social media?

Sugartone Winners

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The Sugartone contest held by Bloggertone and BizSugar ended last week and it was great to see the winners are spread out across the globe.

Sugartone was also a successful exercise in international networking for several of the business professionals who participated. To be successful in international networking you need to be open to seizing opportunities and putting in the effort to connect with others. And this is what the winners of the Sugartone contest did.

What are you doing to open your world?

Cindy King is a cross-cultural marketer helping businesses develop globally with international social media. Follow Cindy on Twitter @CindyKing

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  • Hi Cindy. Thanks for sharing. The one on Wisdom vs Knowledge is my favourite – a great find!

  • Great collection as always. 🙂 I’m really impressed with the slide on ‘It’s about People not Tools’, well explained and can be shared with whoever thinks social media is just a pointless fad.

  • Hi Cindy, I’m in agreement with Ching Ya, loved Franks slide show. Looking forward to reading the rest of the articles.

  • Some great articles in there Cindy – welcome back after a hefty couple of weeks with Sugartone 🙂

  • Hi Neil, nnA friend told me he tries to be there ‘before the fire starts’. In other words, he spends as much time with prospects before they are ready to buy and then, when things happen, he’s the one they usually turn to. nnRegards,nnIvannnn

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