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For business owners, tax season is especially nerve wracking. You have more people, items, and writeoffs to claim than most. Without filing properly, you might get audited and have an even bigger headache to contend with.

Problems can sometimes occur when a business has charged the taxes to the end customer but has not paid over the taxes to the authorities. Also the business may need to pay over taxes from employing people.

When purchasing your fleet cars it is important to understand how tax can affect your choices.

It’s understandable how some small business owners fall behind when it comes to taxes. These simple tips will ensure that you keep on top of things.

Smart Tax put together a tax guide for freelancers, illustrating everything you need to know about self-employment tax. Business expenses, invoices etc.

Everyone loves a good cliche, but here’s a list of 5 finance cliches you probably won’t be using any time soon!

About one million Americans experience some kind of job change each month, and many of them — millions, says the U.S. Chamber of Commerce — are starting their own businesses.

Ireland’s 12.5% corporate tax regime has been under the microscope of late with a lot of media comment, much of it unfavourable

With the next year end just around the corner for these businesses I thought I would share some general housekeeping tasks that can be done in advance of New Year’s day to help save a few tax euros.

Simple examples of ways to save money in your new or existing business via Virtual offices, cheaper office furniture, tax savings for employees and Vat receipts plus more.