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Pokémon Go has become a phenomenon for the gamers of the new millennia who now have about 150 new reasons to walk while they look at their cellphones.

When your business is running more efficiently, you will have an increase in your productivity and profit. Here are nine of the tech upgrades you should consider investing in.

In the good old days. When your customers would walk into your store, pockets full of cash but technology has changed all of that and cash is now becoming obsolete.

About one million Americans experience some kind of job change each month, and many of them — millions, says the U.S. Chamber of Commerce — are starting their own businesses.

With the correct strategy and advice, you should be able to unearth more than enough money to allow you to start your business without endangering the potential future success of your company.

With the next year end just around the corner for these businesses I thought I would share some general housekeeping tasks that can be done in advance of New Year’s day to help save a few tax euros.

The Ministers for Finance and Public Expenditure & Reform in Ireland presented their budget measures for 2013 on December 5th 2012. While the well signalled Property Tax was the major new tax measure introduced, there were however changes to the PRSI system and some other changes that were new. I propose to look at some of the measures presented in “Budget 2013 Ireland” yesterday that will have an impact on the general business community.

Every company’s CEO thinks they know what their sales revenue figure is. SaaS revenue is simple to work out, but it is different to what you might expect.

Over my twenty-four years in accounts I have seen many invoices; some are laid out simply and correctly, some don’t give the required information and some could be easily copied for Vat and accounts fraud…

Debt collection is not a nice job but a necessity to keep your business going. In these hard times it’s a task that seems to be more prevalent to businesses everywhere…

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