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The National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae) has historically held an unofficial regulatory grudge against entrepreneurs, freelancers and individuals living on retirement, social security or disability benefits.

So what can you do as the owner of a home based business who needs to inject funds immediately to keep things going? There are actually several things you can do.

There are aspects of business management that are rather complex and never fun. Business finances are one of these areas.

It’s important to have a board of directors that provides experienced leadership and has the best interests of your company in mind.

Business owners have a variety of insurance solutions to protect themselves. Here are the different types of business insurance every company should have.

If you have cash on hand and want to grow instead of spending it, then you need to take heed of investment tips featured in this post.

The primary way to find out what’s going on with a business and its taxes is for a tax practitioner to investigate its IRS transcripts.

Master the art of financial planning and it’s entirely possible to save money, enjoy long-term financial growth, and attain a net worth that could be passed on to your kids and grandkids if you so choose.

Running a firm at the wrong time or place can cause a company to become insolvent. Many have to deal with struggling businesses.

Some financial decisions may fall flat because of lack of knowledge or poor planning. However, small business owners can easily avoid them if they can identify their financial mistakes.

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