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Over a year since UK government’s auto-enrolment workplace pension scheme. Initially rolled out to larger companies, it will soon be extended to SMEs.

A sustainable business not only benefits the environment but can also position itself as a responsible business, increasingly important in buying decisions.

Finding the right insurance policies can get quite confusing. Here’s a short guide to getting cheap insurance on a range of different policies and to give you some insight into how much you have to take into account.

If you’re thinking about your post-retirement plans, or if you’re just itching to do something with your savings—it’s no surprise that the word “investment” comes into mind.

Welcome to technology-obsessed 2014 where you need to learn some retail trends to start your small business or to continue with existing one

When a certain private company tends to lose all its profit and is about to submerge, the best option to rise up and raise the capital is to take the reverse merger. This is the time when a private company will be able to embrace opportunities of becoming a public shell company. Shareholders will be receiving large amounts of ownership and at the same time take control of the board of directors. As the private and public company merge into one, reverse merger process is completed.

Everyone loves a good cliche, but here’s a list of 5 finance cliches you probably won’t be using any time soon!

If you’ve got an active business, you’re undoubtedly looking at things like end of the year deductions. But that about an inactive business?

About one million Americans experience some kind of job change each month, and many of them — millions, says the U.S. Chamber of Commerce — are starting their own businesses.

Not understanding how disability insurance works isn’t a good enough excuse for such a high risk either, so here’s a break-down of what it entails and how it works.