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In the good old days. When your customers would walk into your store, pockets full of cash but technology has changed all of that and cash is now becoming obsolete.

Analysing five of the most successful start-ups from the last decade, identifying the clear behaviors which have aided their success and growth to go global.

For small and startup companies there are few more pressing concerns than cash flow. Finance is always required to keep the wheels of any enterprise in motion and when it seizes up the consequences can be damaging and even disasterous for small firms.

Every business is different, and so are its challenges and cash flow-related problems. Read here about the solutions #CashFlow #SmallBusiness

This article explains why Estate Agents and Insolvency practitioners are not always the bad guys.

If the bad news is that you have to spend money to make money, the good news is that by being smarter with how you spend, you can get ahead of the competition and stay there.

Most of us are struggling to make ends meet. The economy has slowed down, lay-offs are becoming a norm of sorts, and salaries are taking a hit. Financial security is a priority for everybody

Smart Tax put together a tax guide for freelancers, illustrating everything you need to know about self-employment tax. Business expenses, invoices etc.

If you’re considering accepting credit cards for your small business, the world of merchant payment processing might be a bit scary, but with a little knowledge, you’ll be more confident to choose the best provider for your business.

Making a success of a personal business venture is not easy. 80% of small companies eventually fail, according to a BBC report of 2010. So why do new companies struggle, and how can small company owners try and ensure they become one of the ‘other 20%’.