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There’s a huge range of alternative finance available nowadays, with new products and specialist lenders appearing all the time. Peer-to-peer lending is the best-known.

Fashion start-ups are products of love and passion. But like any other business to succeed, a fashion start-up, too, requires adequate funds to sustain itself and grow.

Unfortunately, as you well know, New Year also means tax bills for many UK businesses. We all dread that email from the accountant that signals the total bill and the small amount of time in which you have to pay.

Real Estate Investment Trusts, usually called REITs, are a type of investments that offer investors the chance to get into the real estate market without having to become a landlord with a rental property.

When it comes to raising business funds online you really need to be passionate about your project.

The risks of becoming an entrepreneur can be great, but so can the rewards. For Jason Fritton, President and Co-Founder of Patch of Land, a real estate crowd funding company, owning his own business has given him the opportunity to take control of his own life and create something that has never existed before. While the journey for Jason has been frustrating, infuriating and stressful, it has also been amazingly exciting and the most fun thing he has done in his life.

Alternative finance providers have seen demand for their services rising sharply as companies look to find new ways of accessing the funds they often need to survive.

Lorna Sixsmith is quite possibly the busiest woman in Ireland. She’s a mum, wife to a dairy farmer, farmerette, social media consultant, blogger, columnist and author. So how did she find time to run a crowdfunding campaign to raise money to publish her first book?

In this blog post, Lorna shares her experience of running the campaign, including motivation, strategy, highs and lows, challenges, achievements and lessons learned.

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