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It has been an ongoing debate between the efficiency of a traditional accountant versus accounting software. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of the two.

This article explains why Estate Agents and Insolvency practitioners are not always the bad guys.

.One of the key benefits of outsourcing accounts for smaller businesses is that they can get support in the particular area they are struggling with rather than having to outsource all of their accounting requirements.

After helping small biz owners for more than 22 years, Intuit is teaming up with Jimmy Johnson to give small businesses the chance to play among the MVPs and win their very own 30-second television advertisement that will air during the Big Game on February 2.

The following post is sponsored by Intuit.

The most recent report from the Federal Reserve suggests that commercial banks in the U.S. are starting to lend to businesses again. In the first quarter of this year, lending to businesses increased 3.2%. Lending by large banks increased 3.5%, while small banks increased their business lending by a smaller 2.3%.

After putting all your effort into your business, it is heartbreaking to see a business going bankrupt. Many company owners and directors try their hardest to stop themselves going insolvent but some fail. The problem is dealing with going bankrupt, finding the best solution and acting within the law.

Self-employed individuals have flourished throughout the recession in the UK, with around 40% of all being created by freelancers and contractors.

Your accounting system is important to ensure that your business is maximising profits. This post outlines common accounting mistakes that you should avoid.

With the next year end just around the corner for these businesses I thought I would share some general housekeeping tasks that can be done in advance of New Year’s day to help save a few tax euros.