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Investing In Other People’s Unpaid Debts

The US is the biggest debtor nation in the world. The national deficit is over $16 trillion and what happens to that debt? It gets picked up by other nations who have an interest in the US like China and Japan who own over $2 trillion of US debt combined.

This principle of people buying up bad debt does not only apply to the nation of the United States of America but it also applies to individual unpaid debts which are owned by the man on the street. Investors buy up those unpaid debts not because they desire to play Father Christmas but instead of your financial Institute these investors will now be coming after you in order to recover that debt which they have purchased. And besides the debt they will also be collecting for the effort which they had to make in order to locate you and in order to administrate your unpaid debts.

Investing In Other People’s Unpaid Debts

There are essentially two kinds of unpaid debt

  1. There is what is known as secured debt and a good example of secured debt is your home mortgage loan. With such a home mortgage loan your home is the security which is used against that loan, the bank will simply foreclose on that mortgage and resell your home in order to recover their investment. Sometimes you will obtain a loan but you might use a valuable policy as security against that loan and when you fail to pay your loan the bank will take possession of your policy in order to recover their losses. This is basically how it works when you are dealing with a secured loan.
  2. On the other hand an unsecured loan is a loan where you were not required to present security in order to obtain that loan. In that case the creditor can’t normally touch your property unless all negotiations with you failed and that debtor has taken the issue before a legal court and has been given permission by the court to take further action against you and your property.

Purchasing bad debt could be turned into a very lucrative investment

The reason for this is that we have comprehensive laws in place that govern the way in which the citizens of this country handle their finances. Our lawmakers and our financial experts understand that in order to stimulate our economy we cannot only take but never give but there has to be a healthy balance. This means when you make a loan in order to improve your lifestyle you have an obligation towards your creditor to repay that loan because that is how the economy is stimulated.

When people fail to repay the debts which they owe to their creditors, which are often businesses who are depending on the repayment of that loans in order to remain profitable, those businesses are often left with no other choice but to close their doors. When those unpaid debts increase and such a situation is not resolved quickly it can have a devastating impact upon the national economy.

Unfortunately unpaid debts are an increasing problem in the US

Due to the current state of the economy there are many people who simply are no longer able to deal with the financial pressure which they are encountering. This problem is well understood by National Debt Relief and they are doing all in their ability to accommodate the people who are struggling to make ends meet.

Continual financial pressure could become overbearing if it’s not properly dealt with. However a passive approach accomplishes nothing but people have to be proactive, they have to face that debt and do something about it. Remember every long journey begins with that first step and you just have to keep on walking until you reach your destination.

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  • Hi Mariia, It may well be a lucrative practice but probably not one of the ways I would like to make a return. None the less, it’s very interesting so thanks for your insights.

  • hanjoko
  • Hi Kathryn, these are great insights that many originations could learn from. There seems to be an attitude in some quarters that you can fake/engineer authenticity but customers are too savvy and will see through this so it’s got to be real. The key as you say is to “strive for progress not perfection”.

  • Kathryn Kearns

    Thanks Niall, I totally agree. Not one company or business could honestly say they are perfect. It’s so much better, and probably easier too, for them to be honest and genuine. It can be hard work and tiresome to keep up a facade, And from honesty between the brand and consumer comes a mutual respect that has so much more value then the idea of a “perfect” company.

    And you’re right again – consumers are much smarter than many companies realize.

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