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Don’t Hide Your Head In The Sand: Talk To Your Creditors!

Don’t Hide Your Head In The Sand: Talk To Your Creditors!

Sian Phillips is the Managing Editor of and Content Editor on Sian is also the accountant for her clients and but is moving more and more into the content editing world; proofreading and editing blog posts, eBooks, novels and anything that is written. With over 25 years’ worth of experience in business and accounting Sian provides help to her clients with accounting and credit control. The other half of Sian’s day is spent working in the Social Media space; proofreading, copyediting, sharing posts and advice or conducting interviews for She is a qualified Accountant with an Honours Diploma in Journalism too.

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  • Hi Mairead, I’m really enjoying this series, you could/should do something special (contentwise) with these posts?

  • Thanks Niall, I’ve a few ideas for them.

  • Anonymous

    Nice post Maired. It was good to meet you in person and have a quick chat on Monday at the KLCK event. Your point on Interest caught my attention. I think we have more of an opportunity to learn about a client via Social Networks, in advance of meeting them, even if it only gives an opportunity to break the ice.

  • Thanks Frank, it was great meeting you too. I think just about every person I met at KLCK I’ve met on Social Media first and then in person at a later date. We can learn a lot more these days about a person via Social Media than we could before, however, that been said I have nearly as many contacts that won’t touch Social Media and have absolutely no interest in it and they are getting on just fine without it, so for those people Social Media won’t help me learn about them, I have to maintain a physical interest, which is what they want.nnThere is a danger of spouting that Social Media is the only way forward, when for quite a sizeable part of the population it isn’t and it isn’t by choice – their’s. Like I said in the last part of the post, trust has to built up with a client their way, not mine.

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely. I’ve found this in so many walks of life in the last few years. We sometimes assume that everyone is comfortable enough with the technology, but the fact is that there are so many people out there who don’t even have a computer at home never mind having a Facebook or Twitter account. For example I recently setup a Facebook Group for our residents’ association and out of 220 houses only 20 people joined the group.

  • Great series of articles, Mairead!

  • Thanks Ivan.

  • Hi Debbi, Thanks for explaining the differences, strengths and weaknesses of the different types of apps – this is a great reference post.  

  • warrenrutherford

    Wow – this was an extremely helpful post.  Certainly not scannable:).   Debbie I use these and never understood the logic behind them, so simply explained and understood (well almost) by a non-techie.  Thanks so much.

  • Debi Harper

    Phew:) glad it was helpful Warren and thank you for you kind comments, I am still a very nervous blogger.

  • Debi Harper

    Thank you Niall 🙂

  • Finally Debi!!! Thank you for taking the opportunity to educate those who are constantly or often thinking in terms of Apps.
    On a lighter note, it always amuses me when I am in a training room and use the word APP (and we are working with MS Excel for example). 99% of attendees immediately think of their phone, and not the “application” that we have been working on and learning about) Always makes me smile.App is definitely associated with mobile devices, and we have to use Application or Program to differentiate the desktop version 🙂

  • Debi Harper

    Thank you Elaine , so glad it was useful . It is amazing how quickly the word APP has become so widely related to mobile,especially the younger generation. I have to say and it is funny and a little scary that when I get asked in our local town what we do,I totally confuse people:) I now tend to now say we work with computers and phones.

  • Great post Debi, thanks for sharing it as this is something that confuses so many people. Going forward I’ll be able to share your post so people can decide what they’re really looking for. 

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