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Rebuilding Communities Through Investment

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The risks of becoming an entrepreneur can be great, but so can the rewards. For Jason Fritton, President and Co-Founder of Patch of Land, a real estate crowd funding company, owning his own business has given him the opportunity to take control of his own life and create something that has never existed before. While the journey for Jason has been frustrating, infuriating and stressful, it has also been amazingly exciting and the most fun thing he has done in his life.

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  • Good post Greg. Yes, it’s true not many people know about lists. The reason? Because Facebook never sold the value as a list where you can actually include Pages as well. They always talked about “Friends lists” which were strategically created so you can create the list of friends that can actually see all your updates without restrictions let’s say and just show those “more public” updates to the rest. With this move they hoped to tackle the privacy issue questions but didn’t work very well.nThe idea is very logical and sounds great on paper, but the truth is that people don’t use them…

  • Hi Greg, Facebook lists are a great idea but I agree with Fred that FB haven’t done enough to let people know about them?

  • Hey Greg,nnLists are a great idea. Like Twitter, you can tune out a bit in all the noise. Categorising is a way of sorting them. But do you think people will tend to stay looking at one list? nnIt always seems to be the way that Google ‘like’ their advocates to spread the word for them. It’s free and effective.

  • Clear and simple – the way I like it, thanks Greg. Heading off now to create my lists 🙂

  • I’ve had lists created since I found out about them months ago and was delighted when I discovered that Pages could be added to it. Really handy to have, I can jump between the relevant ones as I need to.

  • Peter

    yea Greg, mobile! I attended an event in Naas where a well known organisation announced to over 200 people what they were doing and how they were moving forward promoting themsleves. Shiny new website with blog and Facbook and Twitter …..yawn. I stood up and said ” What about your mobile marketing plans? You mean you are not even developing a mobile website?” ” Haven’t even condisered getting a keyword to standard rate text number for advertising purposes?” nThen I asked the audience “How many people have been on Facebook and Twitter in the past two days?” 8 out of about 200 people put up their hands. nThen I asked “How many people here have been on their mobile in the past 3 hours?” n —Everybody put their hands up.nI said “I rest my case” and sat down !

  • Michael

    Hi Peter,nnYou seem to understand alot about the power of the mobile, It is the only item we actually spend 24 hours a day beside, More than our loved ones. Good point, let me know some more of your views.

  • Daniel

    Thanks Greg, very useful tip

  • Anonymous

    Glad you liked the post Daniel.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for sharing your story Peter. Whilst most people in Ireland have mobile phones, I am not sure that as a nation we have embraced the Smart phone yet. For Eg. With only about 25% of the 1.7 million Irish Facebook users using mobile devices to view Facebook or post updates. That said it is the future and every website needs to look at becoming mobile enabled.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for your comment Mairu00e9ad. Yes, one of the best things about Facebook lists is being able to include Liked Pages. Really handy.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Elaine:)

  • Anonymous

    Yes, Christina it is a great way of de-cluttering and turning down the noise. I agree that the vast majority of people will stick to the one list (the default news feed). That said like anything else it is all about getting into a routine and starting a new habit. For me if you had said I would be Tweeting on a regular basis and an active Facebooker 2 years ago…..I would have laughed hysterically.

  • Anonymous

    Very often it is the hidden gems that are the most valuable;)nnAnd even if everyone knew about Facebook lists…you are right very few would use them. However once you get into the habit of organising your feed into lists….well I wouldn’t go back to only relying on the regular newsfeed.

  • Anonymous

    Facebook are full of hidden tricks, applications and functions. They seem to leave the news for their users to push out. Maybe there is a conscious effort to do this, as they may not want to irritate or alienate their users with constant updates etc.?

  • Another great post Greg, you have taught me so much about social media…. thank you

  • A ‘grand’ post. I use Nutshell Mail and HootSuite to help me monitor important conversations on Facebook and other social media outposts…

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Todd. I too am a big fan of Hootesuite.

  • I learned something new from your post, Greg.nnLike you, I’ve known about lists for quite a while. I’ve used them primarily as a filter when I’m checking Facebook on my iPhone. I didn’t know that you could add pages you’ve liked to a list though. I’ve refrained from liking some pages because I didn’t want to clog up my feed.nnThanks for bringing this to our attention. It will change the way I use my Facebook feeds.

  • Adrian

    Hi Peter,nnCan you tell me more about the item you commented on (keyword to standard rate text number for advertising purposes?”)nHow do I go about doing this?nnMany thanksnAdriann

  • This is an inspiring story and a great idea for a business.

  • Scan on the Side

    Thanks Sian. Hope your readers get some good information from the article. Really look forward to contributing more in the future as well.

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