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Before you decide on a freelancer writer career, read on and see which are the advantages and disadvantages of freelancing.

The article must be credible, emotional, and it should tell a story. To help you meet these principles, here are tools to construct a persuasive content.

You might be doing some common and basic mistakes that are killing your score and even your writing skills.

A blogger comes under the category of people who look after social media and contributes significantly to the content writing forum. Bloggers are of many types, namely lifestyle, food, technology related and the like.

These 12 editing and proofreading tools will help you craft the very best pieces possible and make your writing some of the best out there.

Learn 3 tested ways that freelance writers can keep their clients satisfied, maintain steady freelance income, and avoid time-consuming re-writes of submitted work. 3 actionable freelance client retention tips you can use today!

When creating content, choosing the voice for your brand poses a conundrum: Should you remain true to your story (and your personality) or adopt a persona that you think will pull people in in great numbers?

Want to sell products online through an ecommerce website? Focus on writing great product descriptions. Use these product description writing tips.

You’re certain you’ve created the right content, so why aren’t seeing the explosion of traffic you expected? The problem usually lies with your distribution

Creating a unique page title for landing pages is one method that can help increase the chance of someone taking time to read and engage.

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