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So, you've missed the deadline and have been struggling paying HMRC.. What next? Find out how to buy time and negotiate a payment plan with HMRC.

The source of small business tax mistakes is usually bad habits. Get educated, get organized or get help to maximize income and keep the tax man happy.

It might be too late to fix this year’s taxes, but it’s never too early to start planning for next year.

By implementing the tax tips highlighted in this article, you can keep more of your time and money.

There are a lot of money-saving ideas that small business can use to stay competitive. Saving on your taxes is also a great way to lower your business’s overheads further

The primary way to find out what's going on with a business and its taxes is for a tax practitioner to investigate its IRS transcripts.

Running a firm at the wrong time or place can cause a company to become insolvent. Many have to deal with struggling businesses.

The sooner you acquaint yourself with key verbiage — or hire someone who knows tax law well — the less likely your business is to suffer a costly miscommunication.

There are many reasons business owners find themselves in the middle of a tax controversy with the IRS. Owning and running a small business is a more complicated than many people can begin to comprehend.

According to HMRC, businesses who have opted for UK VAT registration should keep all records of their purchases and sales. Businesses should also keep an isolated VAT summary known as a “VAT account” and provide authentic VAT invoices. Let's go through these three issues of VAT record keeping in more detail.

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