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In your new venture the last thing you want to worry about is investing in expensive software. Here are some top apps for starting a small business.

There are lots of software engineering blogs that will help your inspire your tech team, here are just some of the most recommended ones!

What’s in a small business name? Everything! And here’s why: Ever been searching for a business online and can’t find it? You know […]

Consider the following seven things you can do to keep your startup from going under prematurely.

Even though you may have a team of managers for each function, you, in the end, have to be the start-up management of everything, at least in the early stages.

When digits start to round up, the time is right to start exploring your funding options. Here are some, and what you should know about them in order to pick the best one.

Got the 5 most valuable players on your entrepreneur dream team? Here's an entrepreneur's guide to getting the right people in the right seats on your bus.

Innovative technology not only helps businesses to run smoothly but also provides ways to save money, especially for new entrepreneurs and small business owners. There are various tools that bring innovation and cost savings to smaller businesses, helping them thrive.

Why do so many start-up businesses fail? Here are the top ten common reasons and how to avoid them.

Only 2 out of 10 new businesses survive the first 18 months. With odds like these, it’s a wonder that anyone even tries to start a business.

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