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Starting your own business can be extremely exhausting. In the initial days, you have to wear multiple hats, from being the owner, to technician, manager, customer care and sales rep.

With hundreds of options available, selecting the right cloud platforms for your business can be difficult. Here's 18 of the best for your consideration.

When we hear the words 'buy-in' - what are we thinking? Oftentimes, it's about getting financial backing, or the support of a board-member or investor, perhaps an enterprise agency's commitment to our proposal or proposition. In every instance, buy-in comes down to securing a key outcome by bringing people with you and successfully communicating your story.

For any business, a website is a must these days. If you are a business owner, the first thing that […]

With the rise of crowdfunding, the barriers to entrepreneurship have tumbled quickly and the power of the internet has fuelled new businesses like never before.

it seems a relatively safe prediction that advances in technology will proceed at a continually accelerating pace and that the role of humans in many things that we had previously thought could only be done by us will be reduced and in some cases eliminated entirely.

YellowSchedule is a cloud based appointment management and customer relationship management (CRM) for mental health professionals, co-founded by brother and sister duo Martina and Michael Skelly in 2011. For this #TYBSpotlight, Donncha Hughes interviewed Martina to find out more about their software and business.

Focusing instead on the individual, often-overlooked components of what makes a small business successful can bring long-term benefits.

You may well know that sinking feeling that comes with realizing that your business is struggling. Before you go into panic mode, consider implementing the following strategies that can help buoy up your floundering startup.

Realizing the strong impact of font customization, this article will provide you with some general guidelines to help you select the right typeface for your professional website.