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Bloggers can follow social media tips to grow their reader base. Social guest blogging, marketing on video hosting sites, using LinkedIn Pulse can help them

producing social content, on a regular basis and as a part of a larger marketing gameplan is difficult unless there are ideas and content inspiration

These days marketers need to be ready with ways to engage with customers. This is where real-time marketing becomes relevant.

Journalist-standard content is what sells in the long run. Moreover, according to Seth Godin— content marketing is the only concept which is alive.

Given the popularity and expansion of advertising, business features for Snapchat are perfect for marketing endeavors. The ads can be certified by third party agency itself instead of Snapchat doing so only. You can easily have them directed to a website, an extended video or an article.

Swag (promotional materials) can be used in an attempt to earn one new customer, or it can be used to create brand ambassadors who continually add value for your brand

Our job is to use technology to identify and forge genuine connections with leads. Here are a few powerful ways to increase prospect connections using social media.

Choosing the right social networks is necessary to gain you much-needed exposure. Here're 10 ways to make the right choice and to do the promotion online

If you find yourself losing ground to your competitors, it may not be because they have more social proof than you, which is more persuasive for landing new customers.

Marketing your business online is not only about having a blog or a website. There is a lot more you have to do to be able to yield benefits

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