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I read an article just today where it was confirmed that Facebook are currently testing a new feature that – in my opinion - may become as popular and ubiquitous as the ‘Like’ button. This feature is the ‘Want’ button, and is a way for users to announce their desire or interest in a particular product or service within the walls of the social network. The ‘Want’ button should function in the same way as the Like button. If you ‘want’ a product, you hit the button in much the same way as you hit ‘Like’ to publicly announce your approval or admiration for a particular status update.

"Good luck and thanks for all the fish", the final communication between the Dolphins and Mice just prior to Planet Earth's destruction. This was to make way for an Inter-Galactic Highway, in Douglas Adams' "five part trilogy" The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy. What has that got to do with Management and Innovation?

I am looking for your help. Here are 3 photos of me and I would like you all to vote on them in the comments section below to choose which I will use for my avatar across everything -, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and all else.

The changing pace of technology into real time communications means we could be killing ourselves slowly, but is this behaviour healthy? If you remember a day where no mobile phone would ring in your pocket, or the latest news would be published at the break of dawn, then you will certainly be able to appreciate the effect of real time communications in today's world.

Marketing isn't getting easier, but with these 7 marketing tips for start-up businesses you can make sure that your business gets off to a flying start.

Last Friday afternoon was spent by just shy of 300 digital marketing professionals and enthusiasts in the Morrison Hotel in Dublin at the Dublin SEO Summit.

In this post, I’ll explain how EdgeRank works, how to create a more effective Facebook posting strategy, which updates work best, how to reach more fans and ultimately – how to optimise Facebook’s marketing potential for your business and brand.

Blogging by definition is a display of web log posts, normally in reverse chronological order. It can be a company blog, personal blog or business blog. Blogs can be the work of a single individual, a small group, or (more recently) multiple authors.

So, by now you must be familiar with one best blogging platform that serves more than 55 billion websites all […]

Sharon Sheppard runs the virtual office company – OutofhoursAdmin. Besides the business side of things I have often seen Sharon helping people on Twitter and Facebook – including me - with Excel and Word problems. Using Excel a lot myself I thought I knew it well but realised Sharon knows it inside out. So I thought I’d find out a bit more about how her business came about and her expertise in all things Microsoft. And of course I couldn’t let her go without giving us some helpful tips too.