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The access and integration that come with this new wave of creative marketing are leading to success for new and established companies.

While the internet is enabling prospective patients to choose medical practitioners, it has also given them the control over how a doctor is perceived online.

Acquiring backlinks without having quality content is like selling tickets to a movie that doesn’t exist. It’s the “cart before the horse” concept. Think about that when you are putting your SEO strategy together.

What’s not to love in being a digital marketer? Find out why people jump into the digital marketing sphere and have great passion in this line of work.

Here are some marketing tips that can help you you can build and advance your brand and market your products or services as a work-at-home pro.

What each PPC analyst should know about call tracking analytics, to avoid mistakes in campaign optimization, and achieve best results for the clients.

Social proof as a marketing tool has become more important than remarketing, advertising and even discounts and offers. Statistics show that 7/10 Americans browse online and read consumer reviews before making a buying decision.

Producing digital content that exceeds expectations isn't as straightforward as they say. Here are my honest truths for hurdles to expect along the way.

Online presence is an important factor for your business and you don't need to spend a lot to boost your online presence. Try these budget-savvy tips.

If high bounce rate is a concern for your business and you're looking for effective strategies, below is a list of 8 design practices you should avoid.

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